Thermaltake adds voice control to its power supplies

Thermaltake Voice.jpg
Thermaltake Voice.jpg

The manufacturer of computer components and accessories Thermaltake takes a step forward when it comes to device control and management. You have implemented in your system Smart Power Management (SPM) an aspect of Artificial intelligence (AI) to control via voice commands some of the models of their power supplies.

Thermaltake incorporates AI Voice Control function

The new feature AI Voice Control it is added among those already available in the mobile application DPS G Mobile APP from Thermaltake. Thanks to this new function the system Smart Power Management (SPM) of Thermaltake will control certain functions of the power supplies with a simple command from the user. At the moment the function AI Voice Control only available for digital power lines Toughpower iRGB PLUS Titanium / Platinum for iOS. The version for Android It is not updated yet, but according to the manufacturer itself, it will be added soon.

Thermaltake voice


With AI Voice ControlThrough the mobile phone, users can use the application to turn the power supply on and off, without having to press anything. A voice command is enough to carry out such action. It is also possible to change the light mode, color, brightness and control the speed. In addition, the mobile application DPS G Mobile APP provides access to key power supply parameters. Parameters such as:

  • Efficiency history
  • Fan speed
  • Voltage
  • Temperature
  • Total time of use / kWh / electricity consumption
  • CPU / VGA temperature history

Thermaltake voice

Another possible action is to control the fan lighting mode RGB. In addition, the system alerts you to power supply problems. Among these notices:

  • Fan malfunction
  • Overheating (above 140ºF / 60ºC)
  • Abnormal voltage level (lower / higher than 5% of normal level)

Everything is compatible with TT RGB Plus Sync. So users can sync colors RGB of all products compatible with Thermaltake TT RGB Plus. In short, that with the system SPM in power supplies Thermaltake and the mobile app DPS G Mobile, you have total control over the operation of the equipment, even when the user is not physically in front of the computer.

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