16-Core Ryzen: AMD will also have an HEDT range to compete with Skylake Extreme.

Gizcomputer Amd Ryzen Hedt 16 Nucleos Socket X399.jpg
Gizcomputer Amd Ryzen Hedt 16 Nucleos Socket X399.jpg

AMD continues to talk, and after several years in the background in the shadow of a giant like Intel, this company is once again that David who put Goliath in serious trouble during the days of the Athlon XP and Athlon 64 If two weeks ago we were talking about the AMD Naples, the future processors dedicated to the server market and that would have up to 32 cores and 64 threads, now the focus has been on a supposed range HEDT (High-End Desktop) that would come to compete with Intel’s current LGA 2011-v3 socket, which has its maximum exponent in the 10-core Core i7 6950X. And it seems that AMD intends to squeeze its Ryzen architecture to the fullest, and for this it would create a 16-core Ryzen composed of 2 Ryzen 0ctacores under the same package, in a similar way to Intel’s first Quad, which were also two dual cores “glued”.

Ryzen with 16 cores, 32 threads and finally a Quad Channel.

Gizcomputer-AMD-Ryzen-HEDT-16-core- Socket X399It has been the French magazine Canard PC Hardware that has leaked through Twitter that in a period of 4 to 6 months, AMD will launch a new range of processors for the most enthusiastic domestic sector. It would be a new platform that would make use of a new X399 chipset and that it would face not only the current Intel X99 platform and its Broadwell Extreme, but it would also be able to compete with the upcoming Skylake Extreme, which would also make use of a new X299 chipset and a socket much larger than the current one. .

The 16-core Ryzen would make use of a socket named in key like “SP3r2” and for the first time in AMD’s history, it would integrate a 4 channel memory controller (Intel went through the 3 channels and has been with 4 channels for a long time), so we could finally see bandwidths capable of competing with those achieved by the current Intel HEDT platform.

Like its smaller 8-core siblings, here we would also have SMT technology (equivalent to Intel’s HT), so we would have a total of 32 process threads, shuffling some quite restrained frequencies of between 2.40 and 2.80 GHz (it will be necessary to see its overclock) with a TDP of 150W, very similar to the 140W TDP that the Haswell and Broadwell Extreme have for LGA 2011-v3 socket.

Not only does the bandwidth increase thanks to the new 4-channel controller, but there would also be more PCI Express lanes, just like Intel processors allow, giving free rein to the wealthiest pockets to mount multi-GPU configurations without performance restrictions, although at the moment, the number of available tracks has not been specified.

AMD-Ryzen-HEDT-16-core- Socket X399-4 channels

As far as we know, and according to ChipHell, the future top of the range of AMD, and that would come to surpass the already “dangerous” Ryzen 1800, would have a market price of about $ 999 (about 1200 euros to change …) and it would be officially presented at the next Computex in Taipei.

It seems that this new 16-core Ryzen would also have been refined to work much more efficiently in video games (Intel’s current workhorse), in addition to offering great performance in productivity tasks, so if the Ryzen 1800X It already stands up to a decacore such as the Intel 6950X with its 8 cores, Intel better have done its homework well with the next Skylake-X if you don’t want to lose the crown of raw performance. The quality / price battle does not seem to be in your favor right now, so the outlook for the next few months is likely to be extremely interesting, with a level of competitiveness that has not been seen in all segments of the market for a long time. microprocessors. Only time will tell if AMD has hit the mark or if the thing remains in much hype and nothing; But for now, we are eager to know more about this new platform. We leave you with a summary table of the current high range of both manufacturers:

Core i7 6950X Core i7 6900K Core i7 6850K Ryzen 7 1800X Ryzen 16C / 32T
Chipset Intel X99 Intel X99 Intel X99 AMD X370 / B350 AMD X399
Nuclei 10 8
Freq. Base
Freq. Turbo
PCIe lanes

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