G.Skill to distribute Sniper X memory for AMD Pinnacle Ridge

Sniper X.png
Sniper X.png

G.Skill prepares to launch a new series of memories Sniper X optimized for AMD Ryzen 2000.

AMD Pinnacle Ridge will get G.Skill’s enhanced Sniper X

As you surely know, AMD is about to distribute its brand new platform that renews the successful Ryzen. One of the most remarkable best of the new processors AMD Pinnacle Ridge (name that baptizes the new batch), is the new memory controller. A controller that will allow the use of higher speed modules. But it also reduces access latencies.

Sniper X

G.Skill, the well-known manufacturer of memory solutions, is already at work to supply users with the new platform of AMD of new memories Sniper X optimized for those brand new AMD.

G.Skill Sniper X

The new memories G.Skill Sniper X as we say, they will be optimized to get the most out of the new processors AMD Ryzen second generation. That you already know are based on silicon Pinnacle ridge.

The new memory modules G.Skill carry the numbering F4-3400C16D-16GSXW. With this data we can decipher some of its benefits. As provided by said numbering, it will have a maximum operating frequency specification of 3,400 MHz, surpassing the previously known. The capacity of the kit total is 16 GB (2 modules of 8 GB), and will have latencies 16-16-16-36 and an operating voltage of 1.35v.

Sniper X

The product is presented with the characteristic heat sink. One piece made of aluminum and with a low profile design to improve compatibility. An essential element that helps to reduce the degradation that occurs when reaching high temperatures.

Also, as is the manufacturer’s standard, this model of G.Skill maintains the use of high-quality memory chips.

In summary

With this imminent launch it is confirmed that Pinnacle ridge has better memory support Ddr4. And it is that as we all know, Summit Ridge it only supports modules up to 3,200 MHz (and not without some issues). It is therefore expected that these new processors are officially announced during the month of April.

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