# IFA17: We visit the GOODRAM Stand

Goodram 11.jpg
Goodram 11.jpg

Good afternoon, Gizcomputers. One more day we bring you information and images of the IFA 2017, the technology fair of Berlin. We show you the Stand of GOODRAM one of the leading manufacturers of storage products and memory solutions, primarily focused on very demanding users and high-performance computers. Very gamer all.

GOODRAM shows its offer to the sector

The Polish firm attends the consumer electronics fair to show the components they produce. Among them, the brand has memory cards SD and micro SD, in addition to discs SSD. His intention is to show attendees his new family of solutions IRDM, specially designed to expand and improve the capacity and performance of the computer equipment of the most demanding users. The new line is made up of memory modules, solid state drives (SSD) and even high-performance memory cards to manage devices that support resolutions 4k and 8k.

Memory modules

Although they were already available, the memory modules IRDM, have been updated to IFA 2017 in a limited edition that stands out for a design with white heat sinks. Modules IRDM They are built on a base of memory chips specially selected for maximum reliability and performance. To ensure the highest product quality, internal testing of the 100% components separately, in addition to modules as a whole.

SSD drives

Among its varied offer, the unit stands out IRDM Ultimate PCI-e NVMe SSD, which reaches up to 2.7 GB / s in transfer. Sequential read speed goes up to 2900 MB / s and the sequential writing reaches 2390 MB / s.

Memory cards

New high-performance memory cards arrive with the standard UHS-II U3. They are available in SD and micro SD, are ultra-resistant and allow working with resolutions up to 8K. The transfer speed of the cards can reach up to 280 MB / s. In terms of capacity, they are available with up to 256 GB in the series IRDM And till 128 GB for versions IRDM PRO.