New Gigabyte Aorus RGB Memory Kit

Memorias Aorus Rgb 2.jpg
Memorias Aorus Rgb 2.jpg

Gigabyte Starts with the launch of a new kit of memories Aorus RGB. Your product line gamers continues to grow and after knowing the mat Aorus P7 RGB, these modules arrive to complete and complement the style of the Gaming PC.

Aorus RGB memory kit, to dazzle with your gaming table

With the announcement of Gigabyte Technology of the launch of his kit of memories Aorus RGB, complies with one of the novelties exposed in the Computex. At the great consumer electronics event, we could hardly know details of the product, however, now many of its unknowns are cleared.

Aorus RGB memories

Technical data and specifications

Within these details that we now discover now we know that there will only be a single for sale kit. A reference composed of two modules of 8 GB, which add up to a total of 16 GB, and that they work at a frequency of 3200 MHz. They perform their performance with CL16 latencies and require a voltage of 1.35v for its funtionability.

Style details

The modules incorporate a spectacular passive cooling system that covers the entire component with a firm aluminum disipator that also adds the RGB LED lighting. A lighting that is managed from the motherboard itself, and that adjusts to the taste of each user by choosing between the 16.8 millions of possible color combinations or by selecting one of the different preset modes.

Aorus RGB memories

As a curiosity, this kit from memory Aorus RGB includes four modules, although in reality two of them are what we would call mockups. That is, they are just a couple of pieces that emulate the same design, without being memory. The simple function they offer is to give the user the possibility of presenting a more attractive system design on their motherboard by occupying all the slots DDR4 DIMM.

All for the style

The fake memory modules of course sport the same cooling and lighting system RGB LED, although internally they are only a PCB black with a power connection on the far right. The advantage and the visual impact is really very attractive. This system is something exclusive to Gigabyte, who has patented it in anticipation of it being a success. The mock-up memories have a 30-day guarantee, while the real memories have a lifetime guarantee.

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