Viper RGB, a new memoir from Patriot Memory

Viper Rgb Black.png
Viper Rgb Black.png

Patriot memory updates its catalog with the Viper RGB. A new element that adds to your catalog of memories to gamers.

Viper RGB, the fashion of extreme lighting

Patriot memory, recognized manufacturer of products, accessories and peripherals gaming, has announced the launch of a new family of memory modules RAM. The Viper RGB.

Viper RGB

It’s about a kit really similar to the already known Viper that they offer in their catalog. As you may have already guessed, the substantial difference between one module and another is that the new range of memories includes a lighting system RGB LED.

Light for all manufacturers and brands

This lighting system RGB inserted in the memories Viper RGB it is compatible with the lighting control technologies of the best motherboard manufacturers. So all those who own a motherboard of ASRock, Asus, M: YES and Gigabyte they can enjoy its colorful additive.

Technical data of the new reports

In its technical specifications, the reports Viper RGB they don’t add anything new. These new kits go to market with 16 GB capacity, 2 x 8GB modules. They work at frequencies to choose from 2,666 MHz up to a top of 4,133 MHz. The memories have the technology Intel XMP 2.0. They include their own cooling system consisting of an aluminum heatsink.

Viper RGB

This element comes in different versions. Well in black or white color. They are finished off with a graphic detail that symbolizes the head of a snake / cobra. In silver or black depending on the color of the heatsink.

Pricing and availability

The new memories Patriot Viper RGB they are already available on the market. The prices at which they can be acquired have an exit value of around 180 euros at kit more basic. He kit most expensive of all can be found for around about 350 euros, as it is the model with the highest speed.

Viper RGB

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