Sound Blaster X4, new multiplatform external sound card

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sound blaster x4.jpg

The distinguished company Creative brings to the market a new external sound card. It’s about the model Sound Blaster X4, and with it aims to offer the user a way to improve the sound of their Pc, Mac or game consoles.

Sound Blaster X4, optimize the sound of any device

The bet of Creative for the sound peripherals it is still as valid as the first day. Now it launches a new reference that underpins its catalog of devices external with the card Sound Blaster X4. This novelty has the firm intention of giving a qualitative leap to the Audio of the equipment where it is connected.

Product characteristics

The new reference comes to take over from the Sound Blaster X3. To do this, it implements new functions and better connectivity than its predecessor. The card offers a new and improved DAC with surround sound enhanced by technology Super X-Fi Y Dolby Digital Live. Thanks to this, the device achieves a more focused sound in games and movies.

Sound Blaster X4

Sound Blaster X4

The product can be connected to a Pc, Mac, PS4, PS5 or Nintendo switch through a port USB-C. Included with the card is a adapter to USB-A. This apparatus has dimensions of 130.5 x 130.5 x 40.6 mm. It sports a rectangular black chassis, along which are distributed analog jack inputs and outputs; Y digital line input and digital optical output. It also includes mic input Y headphone amplifier integrated, being able to work with models of up to 600 ohm with a signal-to-noise ratio of 114 dB and resolution of 24-bit / 192 KHz.

More details of the peripheral

The new card Creative supports technology Surround Virtualization developed by Sound blaster to improve the spatial information of the audio and thus optimize it towards a more immersive experience of up to 7.1 channel audio independent real or virtual. The Sound Blaster X4 goes on sale for a recommended price of 149.99 euros.

Sound Blaster X4

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