Antec P7 Neo, new great minimalist and soundproof tower

Antec P7 Neo.jpg
Antec P7 Neo.jpg

The Antec P7 Neo is the brand new mid-tower that the specialist chassis company from Pc. A box designed to build high-performance systems, and that features damping panels noise level, to avoid noise disturbances.

Antec P7 Neo, PC case, spacious and quiet

After recently introducing one of their new soundproof boxes, Antec now launches another new chassis. In this case a model of high performance which also emphasizes reducing the sound of the system. The reference in question is the Antec P7 Neo. A design that comes to take over from a product that the company put on the market in mid-2018.

Tower features

The chassis shown by the brand sports a minimalist design with measures of 440 x 219 x 480 mm. A wide and spacious wingspan, capable of attaching base plates E-ATX; ATX; M-ATX; and ITX.

Antec P7 Neo

Antec P7 Neo

The large box has bays for a 5.25 ″ external drive, in the process of extinction in the current market, as well as a couple of zones for 3.5 ″ / 2.5 ″ drives and two for 2.5 ″ accessories. For the rest of the essential components of the equipment, the tower allows the installation of a cooler for processor up to 165 mm Tall; graphics cards up to 350 mm of length; and sources up to 170 mm deep.

More details of the product

The chassis cooling system includes as standard a pair of 120mm fans on the front, although they can be replaced by models of 140 mm or radiator of up to 280 mm; as well as a 120mm rear fan. The sides of the box are made of steel and have damping panels. These have the ability to minimize the noise generated by the system.

Antec P7 Neo

This chassis, with reference Antec P7 Neo, uses in its construction, in addition to the steel, plastic. It has a connector panel, located in the upper front part, with two ports USB 3.0. Note that air enters the chassis through large gills sides. The price of the product is 69 euros.

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