BitFenix ​​Prodigy, a flexible and colorful Mini-ITX tower

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With the tower BitFenix ​​Prodigy users can meet their design and configuration expectations in a truly compact chassis. With a concept very far from gaming, as the BitFenix ​​Enso, the BitFenix ​​Prodigy Its essential aim is to conquer any corner in an elegant and discreet way. To discover its qualities, keep reading.

Design and construction of the BitFenix ​​Prodigy

Tower Prodigy, of BitFenix, the motto of being the box looks great Mini-ITX most flexible on the market. It is a compact chassis where the manufacturer has prioritized versatility, giving the user the last word on how to arrange the elements inside. This tower obviously only supports motherboards mini-ITX.

BitFenix ​​Prodigy

As they say, for taste, colors

To conquer the buyer, the first sense that attacks the reference of BitFenix is that of sight. And is that the box Prodigy It does not offer one or two color variants, but there are a total of six shades to choose from. Can be found in classic colors black or White, but also in Red, blue, green Y Orange. Regardless of color taste, the chassis has dimensions of 250 x 404 x 359 mm. A compact cube that provides a volume of 26.35 liters to assemble the smallest equipment possible.

BitFenix ​​Prodigy

The blue version

Made in metal Y plastic, its design highlights the handles that serve as legs in the base and system transport in the zone higher. Apart from giving a modern and solid look to the tower, with those elegant and clean curves, they are made of a material, FyberFlex, which as its name suggests is flexible, but also very strong. Together with the tower’s obvious transport and support function, they provide a greater shock absorption Y avoid annoying noises produced by vibrations.

BitFenix ​​Prodigy

Right side panel view

The treatment that covers these handles is also remarkable. It is the exclusive BitFenix ​​SofTouch, for which many users love the brand’s designs. The front of the tower is completely smooth, sporting nothing more than the manufacturer’s logo. The buttons and ports are found on the right side.

BitFenix ​​Prodigy Features

If there is an adjective that perfectly defines this box, that is flexibility. And it is that in its little more than 25 liters of volume, the manufacturer has arranged a modular system that allows the chassis to be adapted to the assembly needs of each user. Something that is evident when discovering that they can be installed up to 5 devices of 3.5 ″ Or until nine of 2.5 ″. And be careful because it also carries a 5.25 ″ bay for DVD recorder-type drives, which like the rest, can be removed if not needed.

BitFenix ​​Prodigy

A modular and flexible interior that supports all types of configurations

The BitFenix ​​Prodigy don’t stick to hardware basic. But it even allows to place high-end graphics cards, which can be 320 mm length and 150 mm Wide. Like there will be no trouble taking care of the CPU with a good cooler up to 160 mm Tall.

BitFenix ​​Prodigy

Side and top vents for smooth airflow

The aids and benefits for setting up and maintaining the system are top-notch. To start the air intakes keep inside safe from dirt, keeping the system looking flawless. The power supply has its own cubicle protecting the rest of the components from their temperature, while serving as a seat for the motherboard. The storage drive bays have a locking mechanism that facilitate the installation of the disks, no tools required. And although it seems incredible, it even offers a cable management so that everything is connected in a clean and orderly way.


Contrary to what you might think, this compact chassis ensures that its tight interior does not suffer from the rigors of heat generated by the tight components it houses. And it is that its small surface is flexible enough for the user to find the right balance according to the hardware you want to install.

BitFenix ​​Prodigy

View of the back of the BitFenix ​​Prodigy tower

Default BitFenix has seen fit include a pair of 120mm fans of fabric. One of them located in the front area and another in the back. But the box BitFenix ​​Prodigy Oddly enough, it can house many more inside, to have efficient thermal dissipation. In front they fit up to two 120mm fans; while in the area higher others can be attached 2 x 120mm; and the rear can be exchanged for one of 140 mm.

BitFenix ​​Prodigy

To install a front radiator you must do without the hard drive bay module.

This may not be sufficient for certain configurations or aspirations gamers. Therefore, the box also supports the installation of advanced liquid cooling systems, leaving users the ability to install radiators up to 240 mm, in the part higher Y frontal. Although to place the front radiator it is necessary to do without the frame of the hard drive bays.

BitFenix ​​Prodigy Technical Specifications

Here is a summary table with the technical details of the BitFenix ​​Prodigy:

BitFenix ​​Prodigy
Type of box Mini tower
Color Black / White / Green / Blue / Red / Orange
  • Steel chassis
  • Plastic
Motherboards Mini ITX
  • 250mm x 404mm x 359mm
  • 9.8 inch x 15.9 inchx 14.1 inch
Inner volume 26.35 liters (250 x 310 x 340)
5.25 ″ bays 1 (detachable)
3.5 ”bay 5 (3 + 2 modular)
2.5 ″ bay 9 (5 + 2 + 1 + 1)
Expansion slots two
GPU space
  • Length: 310mm (12.2inch)
  • Width: 150 mm (5.9 inch)
CPU space Maximum stand height 160 mm (6.2 inch)
PSU space Maximum stand height 160 mm (6.2 inch)
Front I / O ports
  • 2 x USB 3.0
  • 1 x Audio / Mic
Power supply
  • PS2 ATX (base, multi direction)
  • PSU housing 180mm deep
Front 2 x 120mm (1 included) or 1 x 140/180/200 / 230mm
Superiors 2 x 120mm
Rear 1 x 120mm (included) 0 1 x 140mm
Front Up to 240mm
Rear Do not
Higher Up to 240mm
Accessories and Features
  • FyberFlex ™ handles
  • SofTouch ™ treatment
  • Air filters
  • Tool-less locking mechanisms
  • Cable management
Models and references
  • Midnight Black BFC-PRO-300-KKXSK-RP
  • Arctic White BFC-PRO-300-WWXKW-RP
  • Fire Red BFC-PRO-300-RRXKR-RP
  • Atomic Orange BFC-PRO-300-OOXKO-RP
  • Vivid Green BFC-PRO-300-GGWKG-RP
  • Cobalt Blue BFC-PRO-300-BBWKB-RP

Conclusions, availability and price of the BitFenix ​​Prodigy

BitFenix ​​Prodigy

BitFenix ​​Prodigy, an amazing compact box

The chassis BitFenix ​​Prodigy It offers unusual flexibility considering its compact dimensions. In addition, the assortment of colors allows the user to choose the environment with which they want to dress the place where they want to use the equipment. It is surprising that in such a small space it allows the installation of so many devices, being able to mount configurations from the simplest to high-end systems.

  • Compact design
  • Transport handles.
  • Finishing of surfaces.
  • High quality and resistant materials.
  • Many color variants.
  • Large capacity for storage devices.
  • Includes fans as standard.

  • Price.
  • It only supports Mini-ITX boards.

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