Raijintek Ophion 7L, small tower for computers with good design

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Although for many years the external case of a desktop computer It was something that was not paid much attention to, recently it has become an art with options on the market that look spectacular at first glance. For example, some go for lighting effects and others like Raijintek Ophion 7L for the final quality of its chassis.

Raijintek Ophion 7L is a mid-range tower for desktop computers which includes the minimum specifications that a user might require when setting up their new equipment, but with the additional detail of their external artistic design that scores points in the final analysis while its overall dimensions take up less space than usual.

Raijintek Ophion 7L Features

Raijintek Ophion 7L
Type of box Tower
Color and design White gray
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 101 x 312 x 225 mm
Materials Aluminum
Ports 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB-C
Graphic card Low profile VGA
Hard drive bays 2 x 2.5 “(SATA or SSD)
Motherboard Mini-ITX (170 X 170 mm)
Expansion slot 1 x PCI
Fan bracket Top: 2 x 9025mm, Bottom: 1 x 9025mm
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Available installation options

Raijintek Ophion 7L

Raijintek Ophion 7L weighs just two kilograms

The official dimensions of this model remain at 302 x 225 x 101 mm and its weight at 2 kilograms, always with a rectangular format available in silver or white and that at first glance presents an aluminum style for its chassis. For both its side and top face, a series of grooves help to achieve better ventilation at the same time that it contributes to its overall aesthetics.

On the outside there is also a front power button and a top pair of ports for fast connections, more precisely one USB 3.0 type-A and one reversible USB-C input. Compared to current designs that aim for transparent panels that show the internal components at all times (such as Thermaltake Tower 100 Mini), a more classic style is still maintained here.

Inside, Ophion 7L accommodates a low-profile graphics card, a 170 x 170mm Mini-ITX motherboard, and room for two 2.5-inch-sized storage drivesEither SATA or the latest SSDs. It is also feasible to install up to three 9025 fans, two on the upper part and one in the lower part to favor the displacement of the heat generated.

Availability and price of Raijintek Ophion 7L

  • Attractive design with quality materials
  • Supports various optional fans
  • Includes a reversible USB-C input
  • Limited to computers with basic specifications
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