Trust GXT 711X Dominus, new resistant and comfortable gaming table

trust gxt 711x dominus, new resistant and comfortable gaming table
trust gxt 711x dominus, new resistant and comfortable gaming table

Trust GXT 711X Dominus is the third reference that arrives to expand the gaming furniture options of the well-known manufacturer. The model optimizes one of its proposals to provide the player with a robust and spacious product .

Trust GXT 711X Dominus, simple and functional appearance

Starting from the GXT 711 Dominus reference, the Trust brand presents its new gaming table model , GXT 711X Dominus . A proposal that boasts of its resistant and robust manufacturing , capable of satisfying the needs of the most demanding players. Of course, it is also an ideal piece of furniture for working long hours in front of the screen.

Product characteristics

Trust has made an effort to offer the most complete table in its catalogue. It is a professional model , which stands out for its versatility without neglecting quality . The new Dominus has a large surface of 112 x 72 cm , where there is no problem to place a couple of monitors and the typical peripherals used in gaming.

Trust GXT 711X Dominus

Trust GXT 711X Dominus

It has been manufactured with guaranteed materials, using a superior textured PU coating . The table boasts a reinforced structure with a steel frame that ensures the stability and firmness of the furniture. Plus, the 18mm MDF desktop has an ergonomically angled front edge for long hours of gaming comfort.

More table details

The new Trust GXT 711X Dominus also emphasizes functionality. It presents a comfortable cable management system , with which the user can group and hide them, in order to optimize the gaming area. In addition, it includes a cup holder and a headphone holder , favoring an orderly gaming setup , where we have important elements at hand.

Trust GXT 711X Dominus

Note that this Dominus is easily removable, which allows it to be used quickly and very easily, while the space in the room can be better managed. The weight of the product is 65 kg , it has a height of 750 mm and a wingspan of 1200 mm . Those interested have it at a recommended price of 179.99 euros .