be Quiet! Dark Rock TF 2, high performance silent cooler

be quiet dark rock tf 2.jpg
be quiet dark rock tf 2.jpg

With extreme cooling capacity the heatsink is presented Dark Rock TF 2 of be Quiet!. A cooler which also extends its benefits to nearby components, promising a totally calm operation.

be Quiet! Dark Rock TF 2, inaudible with extreme performance

The German firm be Quiet! announces the imminent launch of a new refrigeration system for PCs high perfomance. It’s about the reference Dark Rock TF 2, a device conceived, designed and quality controlled in Germany.

Product characteristics

This brand new heatsink features a double radiator placed perpendicularly vertically. The brand covers the radiators with a special layer of ceramic particles to transfer heat perfectly. The pieces are in turn traversed by a total of six copper heat pipes 6mm thick. His trajectory goes through the copper base, with nickel plated which reduces oxidation.

be Quiet!  Dark Rock TF 2

be Quiet! Dark Rock TF 2

More details of the cooler

It has a weight of 945 grams weight, with dimensions 163 x 140 x 134 mm. The radiator block is assisted by a pair of fans, responsible for eliminating the absorbed heat. The product has a Silent Wings 3 of 135 mm. Reference that reaches a maximum speed of 1450 RPM; with which it generates an air flow of up to 50.5 CFM, with a static pressure of 1.79 mmH2O and a low loudness of 16.4 dB (A).

be Quiet!  Dark Rock TF 2

Optimized mounting system for easy installation

The second fan is a Silent Wings, also from 135 mm, of which the specifications are not disclosed. What the manufacturer does indicate is that overall, the maximum loudness is 27.1 dB (A). Point out that this air cooler promises a TDP of 230 W. The be Quiet! Dark Rock TF 2 supports processors Intel LGA1200, LGA20XX, LGA115X; AMD AM4 Y AM3 (+). The product warranty is 3 years, and goes on sale with a recommended price of 85.90 euros.

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