MSI MEG Silent Gale P12, ultra-quiet chassis fan

msi meg silent gale p12.jpg
msi meg silent gale p12.jpg

To improve the internal cooling system of our chassis, the MSI MEG Silent Gale P12. A unique high-performance fan that boasts a reduced loudness thanks to its technology and manufacturing materials.

MSI MEG Silent Gale P12, so that nothing muddies the session

The company M: YES incorporates a new product to its catalog of refrigeration accessories. The reference in question is the fan MEG SILENT GALE P12, a device that promises a great performance working with him minimal noise.

Product characteristics

The brand new reference of M: YES introduces himself as a fan PWM of 120 mm. This device is capable of reaching a rotational speed of 2000 RPM. Thanks to this, it can generate an air flow of up to 52.2 CFM at full speed. Turning to the stop it achieves a static pressure of 2.21 mmH2O, and the most interesting, with a sound of only 22.7 dBA.

MSI MEG Silent Gale P12

MSI MEG Silent Gale P12 fan, with liquid crystal polymer blades

To achieve such a quiet operation, with such good performance, the manufacturer has created some liquid crystal polymer blades. By providing the product with them, it is achieved reduce air vibration. In addition, the blades have been optimized to achieve maximum airflow performance by arranging them in a 32 degree angle.

More details of the fan

Key to its quiet performance is the bearing hydrodynamic, which not only reduces friction noise, but also increases the life of the device. Of this new product, the brand M: YES ensures a minimum durability of 50,000 hours operating, working at a maximum temperature of 40ºC.

MSI MEG Silent Gale P12

The MEG Silent Gale P12 it sports a classic black design, but without neglecting details in the frame to achieve an excellent channeling current of air. Of course, it includes a few rubber pads in the corners that will absorb vibrations. The manufacturer gives a 6 year warranty to the product.

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