Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5, a must have for liquid cooling

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Thermaltake Pacific Pr22 D5.jpg

Greetings Gizcomputers. If you are an enthusiast of liquid refrigeration, you may be interested in The Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5. A pump that will make the liquid flow through all the circuit with the excellent qualities of this specialized manufacturer. And if you need a box to show off this component and the rest of your hardware, look at her Thermaltake Versa C23, an elegant and colorful mid-tower.

Design and build the Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5

The Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5, is a tank / pump to install a cooling circuit liquid at Pc. A device of Thermaltake Made with high quality materials (POM+ PMMA) designed as a durable, crystalline, and high-performance solution for enthusiastic users of quiet cooling. The Californian specialist delivers an ideal fit, fit and flow product. Which is also very light.

Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5

It can be installed both horizontally and vertically, allowing it to harmonize with chassis of all kinds. It includes supports that keep the tube firm at both ends inside the box. It also makes it easy to expand the water cooling system, to adapt to the aesthetics of each user, incorporating external modular extensions of the chassis. In the following video you can see the installation of this pump integrated in a complete circuit from the same manufacturer.

The measures of this tank / pump of liquid are 94.1 (L) x 87.4 (W) x 309.7 (H). And it has a capacity for 300 ml. It is capable of reaching 4.5m height at maximum speed.

Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5 Features

The top cover of the PR22-D5 accepts rubber washers for a proper seal, and includes two pre-drilled holes for accessories. The tube wall thickness is 6 mm and can withstand a maximum pressure of up to 50 PSI (pounds per square inch). The design allows the top cover to be easily opened, to clean the tank thoroughly.

Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5

The device has a control of speed with five options. Has a maximum discharge of up to 1135 l / h more than enough for high performance cooling to all components. Of course it is compatible with the other elements and accessories of the series Thermaltake Pacific.

Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5 Conclusions, Price and Availability

Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5

This cooling module Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5 is a product for true enthusiasts modding and customization of Pc. It requires some skill when working with the computer because although the result is very spectacular aesthetically, incorporating liquid into an electronic system is always something delicate that needs to be meticulous in the assembly so as not to cause a fatal disaster.

  • Premium design.
  • Professional quality.
  • Visually stunning.

  • Price.
  • It is just one piece of the set.
  • Not suitable for all types of users.