LaCie Portable SSD and LaCie Mobile SSD Secure, storage for content creators

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The brand LaCie, specialist in external storage solutions, presents the new units LaCie Mobile SSD Secure and LaCie Portable SSD. These devices promise fast read speeds, capacity options tailored to each user, and software that simplifies user tasks.

LaCie Portable SSD and LaCie Mobile SSD Secure, up to 2 TB of storage

The stamp LaCie, belonging to the company Seagate, increases your catalog of external drives with drives LaCie Mobile SSD Secure and LaCie Portable SSD. Peripherals that interested parties can acquire with capacities up to 2 TB.

Characteristics of the units

The new devices LaCie stand out for their tremendous portability, offering a new standard of performance with enhanced features. Focused on content creators and demanding users, allow you to save records, films and photos safely in one place, no matter the location. They have a minimalist design light, are easy to transport and they are shock resistant.

LaCie Portable SSD

With units LaCie Mobile SSD Secure and LaCie Portable SSD high performance is guaranteed. Provide read speeds of up to 1,050 MB / s and write speeds of up to 1,000 MB / s. An advantage that accelerate productivity for its ability to complete file transfers faster and even work directly from the unit.

More product details

The units LaCie Mobile SSD Secure, unlike the LaCie Portable SSD, provide the user with a additional level of data security and confidentiality, as they are equipped with a encryption of hardware which includes a lock / unlock feature on the software LaCie Toolkit.

LaCie Portable SSD

LaCie Portable SSD

Both references share the use of technology USB 3.2 Gen 2 and are compatible with computers and USB-C tablets and USB 3.0. They are units compatible with Windows®, Mac® e iPad®. They include a software file duplication to seamlessly access and sync them across multiple devices. The manufacturer gives three year limited warranty. The units LaCie Mobile SSD Secure, are available this month exclusively for Manzana®, with a recommended retail price of € 144.99 (500 GB); € 249.99 (1 TB); and € 419.99 (2 TB). For their part, the units LaCie Portable SSD are for sale for a price of € 139.99 (500 GB); € 219.99 (1 TB); and € 409.99 (2 TB).

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