QNAP TS-130, lightweight, versatile and quiet multimedia NAS

qnap ts 130.png
qnap ts 130.png

The new NAS multimedia QNAP TS-130 is the premiere reference of this company specializing in storage solutions. A compact device, perfect for having an archive center, and even creating a personal cloud, which also works silently.

QNAP TS-130, the home solution for shared storage

The brand QNAP announces the arrival of a new NAS input range. It’s about the model TS-130, a device designed for users who are new to computer systems network storage and who want to create a personal cloud without making a large investment or spending a lot of money.

Device features

What the manufacturer offers us with the reference TS-130 it is a device that looks very similar to a small Pc desktop. And it is that this peripheral of light color tries to change the classic concept of the NAS. What does not vary are the interesting features it offers: centralized storage; Backups; Y media library management.



Inwardly for this NAS a Realtek RTD1295 CPU quad-core a 1.4 GHz with 1 GB from DDR4 RAM. The device includes a port Gigabit Ethernet to connect to routeras well as a connector SATA from 6 Gbps to install 3.5 or 2.5 inch hard drives in the only bay you have.

More details of the NAS

This model also offers a port USB 2.0 and other 3.0 for disks and external memories. Point out that the device integrates data encryption AES-256, thus protecting the files deposited in the unit. For stable operation, it has a smart cooling system. Reduces noise from ventilation without compromising performance.


To work with the device, the user is managed with the operating system QTS from QNAP. A software with applications for share files, custom backups Y data sync both on the device itself and in the cloud. This product is compatible with Plex and with the protocol DLNA, so there is no problem to mount a media server. The NAS QNAP TS-130 it has a price of 160 euros, no hard drives.

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