Anker PowerConf C300, Full HD webcam with AI and facial recognition

anker powerconf c300.jpg
anker powerconf c300.jpg

The webcam Anker PowerConf C300 It is the new model presented by the global technology company that improves the functionalities in the teleworker office. The device is not limited to the usual features of this type of accessories, but rather it implements advances that allow the user to make videoconferences with higher quality.

Anker PowerConf C300, it’s time for artificial intelligence

Within the new range of products for remote work launched by the brand Anker we found an attractive webcam. The device includes interesting smart functionalities, since it is a product with learning Y algorithms based on artificial intelligence (AI).

Camera Features

The brand new Powerconf C300 presents the classic look of so many other webcams, with a flexible and adaptable design to place the camera on the monitor or on the desk. This model has a sensor with native resolution Full HD (1080p), with which you can capture video at 60 fps. In addition, it is able to work with three fields of view different: 78th for close-ups; 90º for an intermediate option; or 115º with which to cover the maximum.

Anker PowerConf C300

Anker PowerConf C300

However, what is truly interesting about the camera is the integration of a chipset that powers the algorithms of AI. That is why it has a function of smart trim of the image, with which he is able to keep an individual or members of a group centered on the screen. What’s more, recognize faces and even automatically follow movements with pan and tilt camera.

More details of the product

This model has the technology MagicSight, which adjusts the field of vision, autonomously, depending on the number of people participating in the meeting. Nor should we forget to point out that the camera has a double microphone system incorporated with active noise cancellation system Y active gain control that allows the voice to stand out from the rest of the background sounds.

Anker PowerConf C300

The device connects through a port USB-C, being a peripheral plug and play. That is, we have no obligation to install any type of driver to enjoy it in the most popular video calling applications. For the advanced functions the thing changes, because logically it will be necessary to install its software. The camera PowerConf C300 goes on the market with a recommended price of 129.99 euros.

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