Creative Sound Blaster GC7, external DAC for streamers and gamers

Creative Sound Blaster Gc7.jpg
Creative Sound Blaster Gc7.jpg

A new product is presented to us Premium. The DAC with amplifier headphone designed for gamers and streamers, reference Creative Sound Blaster GC7. A desktop device that offers additional features for advanced users.

Creative Sound Blaster GC7, a high-level plugin

Creative technology has announced its new digital to analog signal converter (DAC), the Sound Blaster GC7. This device, according to the brand, is the first of its kind, because in addition to the gamers, is equally useful for content creators and streamers.

Product Details

The brand new peripheral allows you to exercise complete control of the audio, in the recordings and transmissions, by having a series of programmable buttons of intuitive design. The Sound Blaster GC7 includes sound technologies Super X-Fi and Sound blaster.

Creative Sound Blaster GC7

Creative Sound Blaster GC7

The mark indicates that by using the speakers, the user will enjoy the audio enhancements of Sound blaster, What Crystalizer and Smart Volume, through the Acoustic Engine suite. A system that has been fine-tuned with over 30 years of experience in audio processing. Thanks to them the sound signature of a Sound blaster high-end.

Other peripheral details

This appliance has the mode Scout, focused on detection through enhanced audio signals that highlight each movement as it happens. Therefore, in gaming the sound of the enemies is amplified to always be one step ahead of our opponents.

Creative Sound Blaster GC7

Using the Sound Blaster GC7 with headphones, technology Super X-FI immerses us with hyper-realistic audio holography that recreates the same expansive soundstage of a multi-speaker system. This is a DAC from audiophile class that offers a lower noise level, a less distortion and sharper individual sound effects. It is compatible with practically any platform: Pc, Mac, Playstation 5 and Nintendo switch.

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