MSI HS01, a good support for your gaming helmets

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msi hs01 cabecera.jpg

Are you one of those who does not know where to leave your helmets? The headphone stand MSI HS01 it can become the solution you were looking for. Thanks to this extra from MSI, you will be able to keep your helmets safe and cared for without fear of falling or hitting them.

What is the MSI HS01?

There is nothing worse when it comes to both playing and working than having a cluttered desk. In the case of gamers, many times we do not even have space to put our peripherals, so some gadgets like the MSI HS01 they can be very useful to us.

The MSI HS01 is a Headphone holder that will help you keep your setup in order. Without a doubt, headphones or helmets, as you call them, are essential for gamers, so keeping them cared for is essential. This, without adequate support, becomes difficult.

How many have not seen their favorite headphones damaged by unintentional knocks when they are placed on the table? If that is your case, you are interested in having one of these supports so that it does not happen again.


Gaming and practical design

The MSI HS01 can boast of having a classic but solid design, thanks to a premium construction that will not only hold the headphones perfectly, but also make them look.

In fact, this bracket is universal, so it is compatible with many models of headphones and it will help you keep them cared for, free from unwanted blows and accessible at all times.

It is also a robust and also stable construction, since its base is non-slip, so it will not fall off and therefore will cause it to bumps. Thanks to this, the helmets will be safe at all times, and you will not have problems when using them.

What’s more, since not all helmets are the same, if you don’t have wireless ones and yours are connected via cable, you will be interested to know that this stand also allows you to organize cables and, in this way, have a clean desktop.

Therefore, with this support you will help to organize a more orderly space to not only play, but also study or work, without running into objects thrown everywhere and, much less, with your helmets in any position that may cause them some fall or impact damage.


MSI HS01 Features

Colour: Black red
Materials: Metal
Base: Anti-slip
Weight: 666 gr
Dimensions: 175 x 103 x 245 mm

Opinions from the MSI HS01

This helmet mount has style and robust design, so that it comes in handy to hold the headphones. Its base is non-slip and is somewhat heavy so that it does not fall. Yes indeed, its price is expensive for the kind of extra it is.


Availability and price of the MSI HS01

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  • Good design, robust.
  • Non-slip base.

  • Somewhat expensive for what it is.
  • It has no RGB lighting.

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