Razer Kaira X, wired gaming headset for PC, Xbox and PlayStation

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The Razer Kaira X They are new headphones for gamers, launched by the peripheral specialist gaming Razer, available in versions compatible with Xbox and PlayStation. Easy-to-connect devices that feature colorful designs that match each game console.

Razer Kaira X, powerful, comfortable and with clear sound

The company Razer maintains momentum in its audio peripheral catalog gaming. Now he presents us with new models of headphones with a very comforting touch. We refer to Kaira X for Xbox and Kaira X for PlayStation.

Product characteristics

The only difference between models, for both consoles, is located in the design of the devices. This means that they share the same specifications, regardless of whether they are the reference for Play or Xbox. The aesthetics of the model for the console Sony is quite discreet, limiting itself to replicating the finish of the PS5. In the case of the product for Xbox, the user has to choose a variety of colors, in line with the basic of the series of Microsoft.

Razer Kaira X

Razer Kaira X for PlayStation

This product is presented as supraural headphones, which unlike the Razer Kaira Pro (wireless), connect via analog using cable and Jack 3.5 millimeters. Thanks to this system, they are perfectly valid for use in computers or phones with that connector.

More details of the headphones

Kaira X for Xbox and Kaira X for PlayStation have the drivers Razer TriForce from 50 millimeters offering a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz; impedance of 32 Ω; and sensitivity of 96 dBSPL / mW. They include a cardioid microphone Razer HyperClear with flexible arm whose pickup frequency ranges from 100 Hz to 10 kHz; and has a sensitivity of 42 (± 3 dB).

Razer Kaira X

The headphones have a single integrated control element, with which the user can regulate the volume level. The model for Xbox can be purchased in color lime, black, White, blue or Red. Users of PlayStation must settle for a classic combination of black and white. The recommended price of all variants is 69.99 euros.

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