Logitech MX Keys Mini, we tested the best Logi keyboard Mini version

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logitech mx keys mini 6.jpg

Logitech just presented the new Logitech MX Keys Mini, the renewal of its top-of-the-range keyboard that now comes with a more compact format, less travel between keys and a series of shortcuts that improve our user experience. I have had the opportunity to try it for a few days and I want to leave you in this review my opinions and my experience. Spoiler: It remains as the main keyboard for personal and professional use.

Design of the Logitech MX Keys Mini

Until the moment of receiving the Logitech MX Keys Mini Graphite I was using a Logitech K380, a keyboard also in a mini format and focused on mobility. If you are looking for a tiny keyboard, either of these two will meet your needs, although it is true that the K380 is a little smaller, lighter and cheaper, but also somewhat more depleted of functions. But now it’s time to talk about this Logitech MX Keys Mini that has been officially presented on September 28, 2021. As additional data, I am using it with a Logitech MX Master 3 and a HP Specter X360 13-ae002ns.

Logitech MX Keys Mini

It has dimensions of 295 x 130 x 15 mm, it is quite light and the keys are extremely comfortable. Each one of them has a slightly sunken center with respect to the total of the key, something that not only looks good aesthetically, it also adapts better to the shape of our fingers. The travel between keys is fluid and very, very comfortable.

We find a total of 80 keys, with a normal qwerty keyboard, but with a row added at the top with shortcuts to very interesting functions that I will comment on later in this review. The on / off button is located in the upper right rear, right next to the USB-C charging port. Have five rubber buffers so that it adheres to the surface where we place it, without scratching it and without causing anything to move.

Logitech MX Keys Mini

Its minimalist format not only makes it more comfortable to transport or that it takes up less space on the table. Reducing the travel between keys has many benefits, but, in addition, it allows us to place the mouse much closer, something that is also more ergonomic.

Smart backlighting and keys with Easy Switch function

The biggest novelty of this keyboard is that it includes a system of smart backlight. This means that the keys adapt their light depending on the lighting conditions in the room in which we are, so you will not have to worry about turning the backlighting of the keys on or off. Of course, if you want the battery to last looooong longer, the ideal is to deactivate the light on the keys. In my case, I don’t usually work in dark environments, so I prefer to keep the keyboard backlight off and thus take better advantage of its autonomy.

Logitech MX Keys Mini

Once again and as we have seen in other models, it has the keys Easy switch. This allows you to connect three different devices to the keyboard, for example your personal laptop, your work PC or even your TV. You assign a number to each of these devices and when you want to switch between one and the other, just press a button on the keyboard. This option works super well and is very practical, one of its most positive points.

Interesting shortcuts

As we said, in the first row of keys we find several shortcuts that, once you start using them, will come in handy and will help you save time and be more productive. Let’s see it.

Next to the Esc, we first find the three Easy Switch keys, next two backlight keys, one dictation key, one emoji key, one trim key, one microphone mute key, and four keys to control the music player (play / pause, mute speaker, volume down and volume up).

Logitech MX Keys Mini

Of these keys, in addition to the aforementioned Easy Switch, in my specific case I use the Clipping function a lot and since I have this keyboard with this shortcut I perceive that time saving that is so appreciated that a keyboard can give you. Also, and although this was not expected when I received it, I am using the Emojis key a lot.

Autonomy and connectivity

The Logitech MX Keys Mini has no option to put batteries in it. It comes with a built-in battery that charges via USB-C (cable included). According to data from the manufacturer, the autonomy of this keyboard is 10 days if we use the backlight or 5 months if we deactivate it. Due to lack of time since I received the device until this review was published, I have not yet been able to complete any charge cycle, so I cannot certify this battery life.

Regarding connectivity, use Bluetooth low energy, although it is also compatible with the Logi Bolt USB receiver (not included).


In my case, since I work with Windows, I have chosen the keyboard for this platform, but, although there is also a Mac version, it could serve you perfectly for both platforms. In fact, in the box itself we can read that it is compatible with Windows, macOS, iPadOS, iOS, Linux, Chrome OS and Android.

Logitech MX Keys Mini

Technical characteristics of the Logitech MX Keys Mini

Logitech MX Keys Mini
Dimensions 295 x 130 x 15 mm
Number of keys 80
Rubber buffers Yes, 5
Backlighting Yes smart
EasySwitch keys Yes 3
Special function keys
  • 3 Easy Switch keys
  • 2 backlight keys
  • 1 dictation key
  • 1 emoji key
  • 1 trim key
  • 1 microphone mute key
  • 4 keys to control the music player
Battery life
  • With active backlight: 10 days
  • With backlight off: 5 months
Battery charge USB-C
  • Bluetooth low energy
  • Logi Bolt USB Receiver
Compatibility Windows, macOS, iPadOS, iOS, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android
Box contents
  • 1 x Logitech MX Keys Mini
  • 1 x USB-C to USB-A Cable
  • 1 x Manuals

Logitech MX Keys Mini availability and pricing

At the time of writing this review, we have not yet found it in any trusted store, but Logitech has already told us that its official sale price will be 115 euros.

Worth? Logi peripherals do not disappoint. And this keyboard is no exception. I recommend it to you if you are looking for a good keyboard, extremely comfortable and with a format that favors mobility. Its EasySwitch function is really useful, as well as other shortcuts it includes (clippings, emojis …). If you are looking for a premium keyboard that improves your productivity and is very comfortable, it is worth every euro it costs, as is the case with other peripherals of the brand, such as the Logitech MX Master 3. I do not recommend it if you have a very limited budget and use an external keyboard only sporadically. In that case, with a Logitech K380 (around 40 euros) you will have plenty.

For all this, we grant you the GizAward gold.


  • Very comfortable and ergonomic design
  • Lots of variety of buttons
  • Fast and accurate
  • Very good autonomy with the backlight off
  • Various colors available
  • Smart backlight
  • With EasySwitch keys
  • With shortcuts (emojis, clippings, play / pause …)
  • With rubber stops so that it adheres well to the table and does not scratch it
  • Looks very durable

  • Does not include Logi Bolt USB receiver

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