Nacon CL-200, the gaming keyboard for non-stop gaming

Nacon Cl 200.png
Nacon Cl 200.png

Greetings Gizcomputers, gamers We are always hunting for good peripherals, so today I present you a gaming keyboard. The Nacon CL-200. A great ally for fun. Although if you want to keep looking, look at the Corsair K55, a keyboard to light up your gaming sessions.

Design, construction and characteristics of the Nacon CL-200.

East Nacon, it’s a keyboard QWERTY membrane and connection USB Plug’n’Play compatible with Windows. Has a finish soft touch, which ensures comfortable games, something essential for everything gamerWell, we already know that gaming sessions are usually very long. It has a weight of 690 g and some socks of 32 × 462 × 193 mm.

It is finished in black that is finished with backlight color adjustable blue. Something important for those marathon games that last until the night. You can control the brightness of the LEDs or turn them off completely. This is achieved through predefined settings that toggle between: Backlight off – dim – bright – bright with heartbeat effect.

Nacon CL-200

It also has 5 keys exclusive for macros at the top and with 3 for profiles different. Each profile allows you to store your own settings for the five macro keys, backlighting, and function status WinLock.

Nacon CL-200 technical specifications.

Here is a summary table with all the technical details of the keyboard Nacon CL-200:

Nacon CL-200
Weight 690 g
Dimensions Height × Width × Depth: 32 × 462 × 193 mm
Keyboard backlight Blue color (static or with a heartbeat effect)
Macro keys
  • 5 dedicated keys
  • Macro recording MR key
Profile selection keys 3 dedicated keys
Keyboard size 104/105 Gaming Key Standard
Internal memory Hardware-based on-the-fly macro recording
Multimedia keys
  • Stop playback
  • Skip to the previous track
  • Play / pause
  • Skip to next track
  • Volume mute
  • Volume reduction
  • Volume increase
  • WinLock
Cable length 150 cm
Connection USB

Conclusions, availability and price of the Nacon CL-200.

Nacon CL-200

Keyboard Nacon CL-200 In short, it is an affordable product with useful functionalities that all good gamer knows how to appreciate. Its smooth surface, as well as the macro keys and lighting led, they assure us great gaming sessions.

  • Soft touch finish.
  • Adjustable lighting.
  • Programmable keys.
  • Quality / Price ratio.

  • Multimedia keys integrated in the function.