Newskill Suiko Ivory, a nice white mechanical gaming keyboard

Newskill Suiko Ivory Cabecera.jpg
Newskill Suiko Ivory Cabecera.jpg

Looking for a beautiful and accurate gaming keyboard? Today we will talk about Newskill Suiko Ivory, the white keyboard with different backlight modes. Don’t miss out on what we have to tell you about this spectacular Newskill keyboard.

We talk about the Newskill Suiko Ivory

There is nothing that marks the personality more than a good peripheral that boasts of design and, in addition, is of quality, like the Newskill Suiko Ivory keyboard. This is known to gamers very well, since they are experts in equipment and peripherals that combine appearance with performance.

In fact, there are several brands of gaming products that stand out for own and varied designs, in addition to the performance and power they can offer you. At this point, each player will look for the one that best suits their style and needs so that, when playing, they feel the space as their own.

The color that usually predominates in gaming devices, without a doubt, is black, but the color white is getting more and more hollow in the gaming setup. With a cleaner appearance, in this color backlit keyboards also stand out, as we are going to talk about today.

The Newskill Suiko Ivory is a backlit mechanical keyboard that also offers a configuration of more than 20 different lighting modes. These modes are divided into cycles on the outer edge, as well as offering cycling, breathing and even interactive modes.

Thanks to the fact that it comes with a dedicated software, we can choose the modes that best suit what we want And because the keyboard has a matte finish so your fingers won’t slip uncomfortably, it’s easy and safe to use, while giving you hours of enjoyment.

Safe and reliable use in all its versions

The Newskill Suiko Ivory is not the only premium keyboard model of the brand, since we can also find others that offer us great features. However, it is the first mechanical white color and stands out, above all, for a innovative RGB system that will illuminate the keyboard to your liking.

This backlighting is located around it and creates spectacular effects in your playing area, in addition to allowing you to use it without any problem in any lighting condition.

The switches on this keyboard are premium, since it comes with the Kalih technology and that it also comes in different versions that correspond to the Red, the Blue and the Brown so that you can have an optimal speed in each press and, in this way, increase the speed when necessary.

And not only that, thanks to its matte texture, there are no finger slips, as we have anticipated, but you will not have to worry about other phantom movements, as it comes with anti-ghosting technology on all keys so that you are sure that your keystrokes are firm and safe.

Thanks, in addition, to the fact that its structure has been manufactured with an aluminum alloy, it is a keyboard that is characterized not only by being aesthetically very beautiful, but also because it feels robust and light at the same time, with great stability. Besides, it comes with two rear temples that are non-slip, which will also allow us to place it as we want.

Newskill Suiko Ivory

All the colors around you

As we have mentioned, the Newskill Suiko Ivory allows you to adjust its lighting with more than 20 different modes. These modes are divided into outer edge, cyclic, breathing and it also comes with interactive modes, that is, they react to certain parameters, such as sound or music.

With the keyboard software, we can configure all this to our liking, as well as make adjustments to the keys to give them different functions, lock the keyboard and create macros easily and simply.

And, how can it be otherwise, a gaming keyboard, in addition to presenting a appearance according to our tastes, fundamentally it must be comfortable. This keyboard is, since it comes with an attached wrist rest that, how could it be otherwise, is padded.

Thanks to this padded wrist rest, we will not feel very comfortable when using it, especially if we spend long gaming sessions. Besides, remember that with the matte finish your fingers will not slip, so it is a keyboard that also offers security and stability that is very welcome, especially when the games get more intense.

Newskill Suiko Ivory

In summary

In short, in the Newskill Suiko Ivory we will find up to 11 RGB backlight modes predefined and we can make 8 color cycle changes in breathing mode. In addition, we can also establish 5 interactive backlight modes.

The keys can be fully programmed and macros can be recorded, apart from the fact that they are keys that are anti-ghosting and come with N-Key rollover technology. Also, speaking of technology, the one of their switches is Kailh, so they assure you more than 50 million keystrokes.

Finally, you can set different functions such as multimedia or keyboard lock on this keyboard. 443 x 134 x 36 mm, from 1,100 kg, connection by cable of 1.8 meters and white color in its entirety.

Newskill Suiko Ivory

Newskill Suiko Ivory Features

Newskill Suiko Ivory
Backlight: 11 preset RGB backlight modes
Breathing mode: with up to 8 color cycle changes
Interactive Backlight Support: up to 5 modes
Keys: fully programmable with macro recording, 100% anti-ghosting with N-Key rollover technology
Switches: with KAILH technology, more than 50 million keystrokes guaranteed
Multimedia functions: Yes
Windows key lock function (game mode): Yes
Dimensions: 443 (L) x 134 x 36 (H) mm
Weight: 1100 ± 30g
Cable length: 1.8m
Keyboard color: White

Opinions from the Newskill Suiko Ivory

The price-performance ratio of this keyboard is very good. It is accurate, although it stands out, fundamentally, for its appearance, since it is a keyboard very pretty with all the backlighting options it brings with it. However, a very important aspect that everyone will love is that it is also a great keyboard for office tasks, because it is really comfortable to use.

Therefore, the only negative points that we can mention (and that will not be for everyone) are that not wireless, therefore, it must be connected by cable and its white color that is more “dirty” than black.

Newskill Suiko Ivory

Newskill Suiko Ivory availability and price

And if you already have the white keyboard, what do you think of the headphones? Take a look at the Newskill Scylla Ivory.

  • There is a good quality price relation.
  • Very pretty.
  • Accurate with configurable keys.
  • Very comfortable to use.

  • It is not wireless.
  • Being white it is “dirtier” than a black keyboard.

Total score

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