Trust Bayo, analysis of this vertical mouse with RGB light

trust bayo ergonomic foto destacada.jpg
trust bayo ergonomic foto destacada.jpg

Surely you have ever seen it and thought that it is not for you. Upright mice are a good alternative to traditional ones, much more comfortable to use and without discomfort due to prolonged use. The Trust Bayo is one of the last exponents of the brand Trust, wireless mouse with RGB light and DPI selector. Work or surf with your hand on your desk for longer. We review the features of the Trust Bayo Ergonomic in our review.

Put a vertical mouse in your life

It is one of the most used peripherals on a day-to-day basis and, therefore, one of those that can cause discomfort in the long run. Whether telecommuting or playing games, the mouse is used for many hours in a awkward position. This is due to the placement of the hand in an unnatural posture that causes the muscles and tendons to be tight. For this reason, many people end up having problems with their joints, tendons, etc.

Trust Bayo Ergonomic

That’s where upright mice like the one come in. Trust Bayo Ergonomic, an ergonomic product that favors a comfortable position although it asks the user for an adaptation time. Fortunately, vertical mice are adapted to natural position and with a firm hold. Thus, we maintain absolute control of the pointer without losing the possibilities of multiple buttons. Many in our writing team decided to take the step and now they don’t want to go back.


As we can see, ergonomics is one of the key points of these vertical mice. In the case of the Trust Bayo Ergonomic we have smooth lines and the necessary angulation to rest the hand. its plastic construction is pressure resistant that we exercise, no creaking sounds are heard. In addition, it shows a combination of gray for the buttons and black for the rest of the body.

Trust Bayo Ergonomic

Compact design and suitable for the hands of adolescents and adults

Measuring 109 mm high, 70 mm wide and 83 mm deep, it fits perfectly in the hand of a teenager – adult. Its weight is 110g, so its drag is not a problem on smooth surfaces or on a mat. Under the thumbrest, the Bayo mouse shows a RGB LED lighting line with a multi-color cycle. A curious detail although it is not a product especially gaming for its benefits. However, Trust has the GXT 144 Rexx, also vertical and with a sensor of up to 10,000 dpi.

Trust Bayo Ergonomic

RGB lighting on the bottom with different lighting modes

Another outstanding feature of the Trust Bayo is its wireless connectivity. It incorporates a small USB receiver located at the bottom of the mouse. With aWireless range of up to 10 meters to work comfortably on large work surfaces. In addition, Trust includes a small USB-C cable to continue working while the battery is charging.

Trust Bayo Ergonomic

2.4 GHz USB receiver, red button to activate the different lighting modes and power button

Technical characteristics of the Trust Bayo

Trust Bayo / Trust Bayo Ergonomic Wireless Mouse
Dimensions 109 x 70 x 83 mm (height, width, depth)
Weight 110 g
Colors Black – gray
Materials ABS plastic body
illumination Yes, RGB (can be turned off)
Lighting modes Unique, rainbow effect
Connectivity Wireless Includes USB-C charging cable
DPI sensor 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2400
Number of buttons 6
Programmable buttons Do not
On / off button Yes
Feeding Rechargeable battery


First of all, this Trust Bayo Ergonomic is a wireless mouse with a USB receiver that works at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. Thanks to this, it adapts perfectly to any computer, since many of them still lack the aforementioned connectivity. This compact wireless receiver is hidden in the base of the mouse, easy to store. The range of your DPI sensitivity ranges from 800 to 2400 dpi.

On the other hand, as indicated in the file, it includes a total of 6 buttons. Of course, none of them is programmable, for this it would be necessary to consult other products of the maker. They are the left and right click buttons, the center wheel button (without infinite scroll), the change of the DPI sensitivity and the last two buttons for the web browser.

Trust Bayo Ergonomic

A total of 6 buttons but not programmable

Ergonomics and user experience

The mouse is tilted to the right, so you get a vertical position (45º), to keep the wrist at rest during use. However, its design is not adapted for left-handed users, something to keep in mind. It fits well in the hand with curved shapes without losing the necessary grip. The placement of the forward and backward keys near the thumb is a success and facilitates navigation. On the other hand, the buttons respond well to finger pressure, both primary and secondary.

Trust Bayo Ergonomic

It adapts perfectly to the natural curvature of the hand

The RGB LED light is an addition that gives an attractive touch to the mouse, although it is not within the gaming range of the brand. It includes various effects of transitions, fixed colors, etc. In addition, it reacts to different events. For example, when the charge is low it lights up in red. The USB-C port It is a good decision since it is the type of interface that is already practically implemented in new products. However, having the built-in battery, it will not be easily replaceable in the future. Although we can continue using it with the cable.

Trust Bayo Ergonomic

Front USB-C connector for battery charging and wired use

In our experience, both in the usual office automation tasks and in multimedia editing, the Trust Bayo Ergonomic has responded perfectly. We have not detected any false keystrokes and the DPI selector is appropriate for the range to which this mouse belongs. It has a maximum sensitivity of 2400 DPI, just for the tasks described. The wireless range has been put to the test and practically the 10m promised by the manufacturer is met.

Availability and price of the Trust Bayo Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

In conclusion, the Trust mouse is a good bet to prevent and mitigate muscle or joint pain. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the grip is comfortable and precise control. Its USB-C connector is used to charge the integrated battery, but also make use of it in the meantime. In short, a complement to bet on and give a chance. It is true that it requires an adaptation time, but it is not something that takes us more than 30 minutes.

  • Neat and resistant design
  • Comfortable to use, fits well in the hand
  • Good button response
  • RGB light on the thumb rest
  • Price / quality ratio

  • Buttons are not programmable
  • Not suitable for left-handed people
  • The battery cannot be replaced

Total score

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