Creative SBS E2900, check out these good bluetooth speakers

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creative sbs e2900 cabecera.jpg

The Creative SBS E2900 They are bluetooth speakers with remote control that will make you enjoy your music with great sound quality. These Creative speakers will also let you listen to your favorite stations.

So are the Creative SBS E2900

It is a system of 2.1 bluetooth speakers that offer you high audio performance and that it sounds very good thanks to its 30W RMS with maximum peak power at 60 W. These speakers also have drivers so you can tune in a personalized way.

They also come with a downward facing MDF subwoofer for more immersive audio, ideal for movies and streaming events.

Listen to what you want

In fact, with the Creative SBS E2900 you can listen to what you want, from your radio stations FM Radio favorites, what rPlay on any device that has bluetooth technology, without needing cables for it, your favorite music from a USB thanks to your player Built-in MP3 with plug-and-play functionality and the content of your computer, TV and others devices that have a 3.5mm connection.

Creative SBS E2900

Very comfortable to wear

Besides, you will soon see that they are very comfortable to use, since it has front control buttons so you can easily adjust it. It’s more, too comes with a remote control It has several EQ presets that will adapt to the music you are listening to and even your mood.

Creative SBS E2900

Creative SBS E2900 Features

Creative SBS E2900
FM antenna: 1.5 m
Satelite: 90 x 75 x 130 mm
Subwoofer: 155 x 270 x 264 mm
Infrared remote control: 115 x 37 x 18 mm
Power cord: 1.2 m
3.5mm to 3.5mm cable: 1.5m
3.5mm to 3.5mm cable: 27g
Satellites: 258g
Subwoofer: 2.15 kg
Infrared remote control: 26g
Operating temperature: 0 ° C to 45 ° C
Total system power: 30W, 7.5W RMS per channel (2 channel)
Subwoofer: 15W RMS
Drivers: Satellite 3?
Subwoofer: 5?
Frequency response: 50–20,000 Hz
System configuration: System 2.1
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR): ? 75 dB
Bluetooth operating frequency: 2402–2480 MHz
Remote control: Yes
System Requirements: 3.5mm stereo plug
Bluetooth with A2DP stereo support
iPhones / iPads with iOS 7 or higher for Bluetooth (IOS)
Phones / tablets with Android 4.0 or higher for Bluetooth (Android)
Package content: 2 satellite speakers (left and right satellites)
1 subwoofer
1 Infrared remote control
1 Cable 3.5mm to 3.5mm
1 FM antenna
1 quick start guide

Opinions from the Creative SBS E2900

These speakers have a good value for money. They offer a good sound, besides that it has different types of connections to make them much more versatile. However, it has a couple of negative points that we would find in that, firstly, bass and treble cannot be adjusted and the radio is only FM. However, for the price they have, they are well worth a look.

Creative SBS E2900

Availability and pricing of the Creative SBS E2900

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  • Good sound quality.
  • Versatile, with various connections.
  • Control by remote control.

  • The radio is only FM.
  • Bass and treble cannot be adjusted.

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