Edifier R33BT, attractive Bluetooth 5.0 speakers at a good price

edifier r33bt.jpg
edifier r33bt.jpg

The Edifier R33BT it’s new speakers HiFi wireless with Bluetooth 5.0 designed to enjoy good sound on all types of devices. With a quality finish, classic styling, and the promise of great performance, the product adds the appeal of an affordable price.

Edifier R33BT, quality audio with HiFi style

The brand specialized in audio devices, Edifier, presents the launch of some new and interesting powered speakers. With the reference R33BT, the manufacturer, aims to cover the demand of users for products that go beyond the basic desktop speakers and more closely resemble large sound equipment. And it is that this brand new model bets on an orientation HiFi.

Product characteristics

The model R33BT offers us the wireless connectivity in a product designed in shelf monitor format. The brand employs medium density wood to manufacture the product’s loudspeaker box. These loudspeakers have fairly compact measurements, being their dimensions of 116 × 208 × 116 mm, with a weight of 3.2 kilos.

Edifier R33BT

Edifier R33BT

These active-type speakers count on integrated power stage. It is a product with the classic master-slave configuration, in which its baffles they are linked by wiring. The product offers with the amplifier 5 watts RMS per channel.

More details of the speakers

The Edifier R33BT has a frequency response in bass with a range of 70 Hz to 20 KHz. For this use a two-way system composed of a tweeter with waveguide 0.5 inch and a woofer main of 3.5 inch. In terms of design, this model has a removable mesh cover that saves possible scratches on the drivers.

Edifier R33BT

Basic speaker controls are located at the top. Have Bluetooth 5.0 and auxiliary connection by cable jack 3.5mm. The recommended price of the product is 69.99 euros.

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