Logitech Z533, opinions of this complete speaker system

Z533 Speaker System 1.png
Z533 Speaker System 1.png

Today we present you at Gizcomputer a set of brand speakers Logitech Z533 with 2.1 multimedia system of minimalist design and focused on the simplicity of installation and handling.

Technical characteristics of the Logitech Z533

Logitech Z533 Multimedia Speakers
Dimensions Subwoofer: 26.5 cm x 25.5 cm x 19.5 cm. Satellites: 17cm x 10cm x 8.5cm
Power RMS: 60W. Peak: 120W.
Weight Subwoofer: 4Kg. Satellites: 525 g.

At first glance, this set of speakers is quite robust and of good quality for the price range to which it belongs. With 120 watts peak power, the speakers Logitech Z533 Multimedia Speakers they produce much deeper bass than a notebook can deliver and sharper highs.

In comparison to the sound of any laptop, movies, music and games go to another level, with full and dynamic bass, thanks to the front subwoofer with 2.25 ”(5.7 cm) full frequency range drivers.


Elegant, attractive and functional design

Through the wired control device we have access to a complete management of the power, volume and bass, with the addition of a additional headphone jack with 3.5 mm input that will save us the need to buy an extension cable for our helmets.


Standard wiring that will allow you an easy connection to three devices

On the rear of the Subwoofer you have the standard 3.5mm input and an additional RCA input, which allow you to connect up to three compatible devices with 3.5mm and RCA input cable, and with the peace of mind of having replacement cables easily when the ones it brings deteriorate.

Although if you want more power forgetting other aspects, you may be interested in the superior model Z623, with 200 watts RMS power and THX certification, which would completely satisfy fans of great sound effects in series, movies and video games. However, from our point of view, in the midst of the smatphones I think this accessory that we present below is more necessary.

Bluetooth 3.0 audio adapter: Logitech Bluebox


This can really become essential for those who listen to music through their smartphone

This accessory sold separately, Logitech Bluebox, it is the ideal complement for our speakers. It has the advantage that not exclusive to Logitech Z533 speakers, but it is a key differentiator to make any product in this range a best seller: a wireless connection with the advantages of the standard Bluetooth 3.0.

Availability and price of the Logitech Z533

We think that Logitech Z533 Multimedia Speakers They are designed for a customer looking for quality and an adjusted price, without further pretense. Therefore, this accessory is presented and sold as a product with its own identity, thus not increasing the price of the mid-range and without the risk of removing customers from the upper range. So if you don’t need more than desktop speakers for your laptop or desktop, the 2.1 system Logitech Z533 it is a wise choice.

  • Attractive design.
  • Competitive price.
  • Standard dual audio input.
  • Very functional control POD.
  • Allows a Logitech Bluetooth adapter.
  • Power something fair for enthusiasts.
  • It is not THX certified like its top model.
  • The accessory to listen to Bluetooth devices must be purchased separately.
Total score

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