Newskill Vamana, an interesting compact RGB soundbar

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newskill vamana cabecera.jpg

The RGB soundbar Newskill Vamana It will allow you to hear your favorite music wherever you are and with the advantage of being in full color. This Newskill soundbar can be connected in a number of ways and comes with a built-in touch panel so you can have it wherever you want.

What is Newskill Vamana?

The Newskill Vamana is a RGB sound bar offering stereo sound and it comes made with quality materials. In it are two speakers up to 10W of power and has plug & play connection through 3.5 mm Jack or Bluetooth.

Also, you can control its volume and lighting with ease thanks to the sound roulette and its touch panel, all in a compact size bar so you can take it with you or put it wherever you want.

Big sound in a compact design

The Newskill Vamana stands out for giving you great sound in a compact size. In this way, you can place it where you want and enjoy clean and crisp sound from your favorite games and your music. Its two speakers with stereo sound and frequency between 150Hz and 20Khz they can adjust their volume using the wheel on the front.

Also, this sound bar it is multiplatform, so it can work both with your PC, as with tablets, mobiles and consoles that allow the connection of 3.5 mm or Bluetooth 4.2. Due to its size already its weight of only 700 grams, you can use it in any room.

Newskill Vamana

RGB lighting for your own setting

Regarding its lighting, the Newskill Vamana comes with RGB light that you can combine with other peripherals of the brand to create your own gaming setup and customize it to your liking. This light will allow you to set not only your gaming sessions, but also those of cinema and music.

Although this is not all. In addition to the color, this bar has different lighting modes, like the wave and rotating colors. Therefore, you will always find one that suits your mood.

Newskill Vamana

Newskill Vamana Features

Newskill Vamana
Speaker impedance: 4 Ohm
Frequency range: 150Hz-20KHz
Signal to noise ratio: (dB):> 65dB
Speaker diameter: 5cm approx. x2 (this is 2 inches really)
Bluetooth version: 4.2
Compatible with PC, mobiles, tablets, consoles, and any device with 3.5mm auxiliary connection
Materials: plastic housing and metal grille
Controls Volume roulette and RGB and Bluetooth touch control
Power indicator with blue light
Power cord: USB 5v
Product size: 400 (W) * 75 (D) * 67 (H) mm
Net weight [kg]: 700g

Newskill Vamana reviews

This soundbar from Newskill you can get it for a good price. Its sound quality is good, plus it comes with RGB light to set the room in which it is. As it is small in size, its biggest advantage is that you can use it wherever you want, more if we take into account that it is multiplatform.

Its most negative point, however, is that it only brings a couple of lighting modes.

Newskill Vamana

Availability and price

It will be on sale shortly. We will update this article with your best prices.

If you want to see another soundbar with RGB light, here is the Trust GXT 619 Thorne.

  • Good value for money.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Good sound quality.
  • RGB light.

  • It only brings a couple of lighting modes.

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