Sony SRS-NB10, personal wireless neckband speaker

sony srs nb10.jpg
sony srs nb10.jpg

The Sony SRS-NB10 They are a curious novelty in the loudspeaker catalog of the multinational consumer electronics company. A wireless neckband speaker, which is placed as a necklace, designed to telework in a comfortable and personal way.

Sony SRS-NB10, work better at home and office

The famous company Sony presents one of its most innovative products. It is a model of necklace type wireless speaker. This new product is launched on the market with the reference SRS-NB10, and has been designed with the intention of the brand to bridge the gap between on-ear headphones and classic small portable speakers. Your advantages: offering a directional and personalized sound towards the wearer.

Product characteristics

This wireless speaker has been designed to rest on the user’s shoulders. The model SRS-NB10 count with one open-ear design Y IPX4 certification splash proof. With the device you can listen to calls or music, being aware of what is happening around you while you walk with them around the house. The manufacturer wants to give this product a focus on the telecommuting, having the advantage of not covering the ears.

Sony SRS-NB10

Sony SRS-NB10

This peripheral has a full range speaker inside. It is tilted upwards, with the intention that the sound reaches only the user’s ears and thus not disturb the environment. In addition, it has passive radiators integrated in the back, with the task of increasing the bass.

More details of the speaker

This device includes the technology Precise Voice Pickup and has two directional microphones with beamforming, a set of advances that optimize the quality of the voice sent during conversations and video conferences. In addition, the device has a specific button to turn off the mic, as well as volume control, reproduction Y music pause.

Sony SRS-NB10

It is important to note that the SRS-NB10 offers an autonomy of up to 20 hours. And have one 10 minute quick charge to add up to an extra hour of use. Use a port USB Type-C to the charge. Wireless necklace speaker goes on sale in color charcoal gray Y White, from September 2021, for a recommended price of 150 euros.

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