Dual drive m3.0, analysis in Spanish of this flash drive

Dual Drive M3.0.jpg
Dual Drive M3.0.jpg

Rare to be the Gizcomputers that does not have a smartphone. Well, surely you are going to love the Dual drive m3.0. A little stick that we have had the opportunity to test courtesy its manufacturer, SanDisk. If you wonder what is interesting about a memory USB, we will tell you that his name gives a great clue. Well, the biggest advantage is that its design integrates a double connection, which makes it a very versatile flash unit. The brand is one of the most recognized and widespread in the computer accessories market. Here we have seen other products of his, such as SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick, to which we dedicate an extensive review explaining its possibilities. Having said this, we are preparing to launch ourselves to tell you the characteristics of the SanDisk Ultra Dual m3.0 and our experience of use. We started!

Presentation, design and construction of the Dual drive m3.0

Dual drive m3.0

Unit Dual drive m3.0, of SanDisk, is a manufacturer’s proposal to solve space problems and manage device information Android. Be it these smartphones or tablets, this flash memory is capable of instantly freeing up device space at lightning speed. Its main virtues are defined in the following points:

  • Compatibility with OTG-enabled Android devices
  • Free up memory of smartphones and tablets
  • Easy content transfer between different devices
  • Dual connector: MICRO-USB and USB 3.0
  • Hi-Speed ​​USB 3.0 for file transfer up to 150MB / s
  • SANDISK MEMORY ZONE application to manage files

Unit blister

As is usual in this type of peripherals, the product is not delivered in a box, but in the typical blister. A robust cardboard card where its central part is dominated by the encapsulated product itself, in this case, in a transparent protection that leaves the item we are buying visible. The model that they have lent us for the test is the 16 GB capacity, which is physically identical to the rest of the references.

Dual drive m3.0

This unit’s packaging is basically white, where only the lower area is transmuted to give rise to a red stripe on which the manufacturer’s name appears. On the front, all the relevant qualities of the device appear very clearly (in perfect English), that is, its capacity, for which type of devices it is valid in even its mode of use. If we turn this card, we will see the compatibilities and other data of interest, as well as the addresses webs and platforms where you can go deeper into the specifications and application downloads. To access the stick memory has no choice but to cut the blister. Once we proceed to the opening we can extract the unit. Nothing else is in its packaging.

Design and build

He Dual drive m3.0 it is a very small device, light, and that you can practically lose in the palm of your hand. A translucent plastic band with a gray hue runs around the entire perimeter. A kind of dark gray ring on which the mark appears dominates the central part. This small band is what allows us to extract the connector that we want to use on each side. In the center, and exposed, are the metallic connectors. About the type USB the memory capacity of the unit is indicated.

Dual drive m3.0

The measures of stick are from 30.20 x 25.47 x 11.76 mm. When we say that it is light, you can get an idea, and it is that it only weighs 5.2 grams. With these data it is clear that comfort has prevailed. The design of SanDisk it is very stylish. And since it is foldable, the user only has to perform an easy maneuver to have either the connector micro-USB or USB 3.0. A duality that is its greatest advantage. Of course, the connector USB 3.0 is high performance and backward compatible with ports USB 2.0.

SanDisk Ultra Dual m3.0 Drive Features

Flash drive Dual drive m3.0 has the attraction of dual connectivity, which gives the user the advantage of transferring data from the phone to the computer easily and quickly. And who says phone, says tablet. Always keeping in mind that we are talking about devices Android. Let’s see in detail what are its advantages and most relevant details.


He stick memory offers the user the advantage of quickly freeing up space on their mobile or tablet. Transferring images or audios is a matter of one press. It’s a super easy way to continue taking more photos or recording videos.

Dual drive m3.0

Connecting the input micro-USB to the terminal we can in a matter of seconds be transferring the files we want. This also allows us another added advantage, which is to move the data from one device to another, or transfer it to the computer in a moment. Thanks to having the connector USB 3.0 transfer speed extremely high, reaching up to 150 MB / s. In our tests we have been able to attest to both this ease, and how quickly the documents and images are passed.

Sandisk Memory Zone App

Special mention deserves its own APP distributed by the manufacturer through the store Google play. It should be noted that its installation is not required to be able to use this device. However, it provides added value that may be interesting for certain users.

Dual drive m3.0

Basically with this application we will be able to view and access all the multimedia content of our device. This will allow us to make backup copies of all the files on the phone, transfer to the flash drive and much more, which, for example, can allow access to other external storage sources in the cloud.

Dual drive m3.0 technical specifications

Here is a summary table with all the technical details of the SanDisk Ultra Dual m3.0:

Dual drive m3.0
Physical specifications
  • 30.20 x 25.47 x 11.76 mm
  • 1.2 x 1.0 x 0.5 in
  • 5.2 g
  • 0.01 lb
Colour Gray, silver and transparent
Finish Plastic and metal
Product Details
Connection interface micro-USB and USB 3.0 connectors
Operating temperature
  • 32 ° – 95 ° F
  • 0 ° – 35 ° C
Reading speed
  • 16GB model up to 130MB / s
  • Other models up to 150 MB / s
Storage temperature
  • 14 ° – 158 ° F
  • -10 ° – 70 ° C
PC and Mac computer compatibility
  • Windows Vista®
  • Windows® 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS X v10.6 or later
Mobile device compatibility
  • It is automatically detected when connected to an OTG-enabled smartphone or tablet.
  • Requires an On-The-Go (OTG) compatible Android ™ smartphone or tablet.
  • A list of supported devices is available at www.sandisk.com/dualdrive.
Models and capabilities
  • 128GB (SDDD3-128G-G46)
  • 64GB (SDDD3-064G-G46)
  • 32GB (SDDD3-032G-G46)
  • 16GB (SDDD3-016G-G46)

5 year limited

Conclusions, availability and price of the Dual drive m3.0

Dual drive m3.0

In short, flash memory Dual drive m3.0 facilitates the management of the space of our devices Android. It is really easy to use, how to carry and in cases of space problems, a real lifeline.

  • Versatility.
  • Dual design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Management app.

  • Price.
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