Kingston Workflow Station, we tested the USB-C reader hub

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kingston workflow station.jpg

The product Kingston Workflow Station is presented as one of the most flexible solutions on the market for transfer data to your computer from multiple sources at the same time. This attractive item has been loaned to us courtesy of the manufacturer. And just as we did at the time with the unit SSD Kingston KC2500, we have tested it to know its qualities and performance, sharing the user experience with all of you, our readers. We appreciate the trust of the company, and we invite you to know all the details of the Workflow Station of Kingston.

Kingston Workflow Station: Presentation, Design and Build

The product of Kingston is presented as a customizable peripheral whose starting point is the Workflow Station, and on which you can add the card readers, sold separately, that are necessary to meet the specific needs of each user.

Kingston Workflow Station

The Kingston Workflow Station consists of the USB 3.2 Gen 2 docking panel and a mini USB 3.2 Gen 1 hub.

Kingston Workflow Station Packaging and Contents

The versatile Y flexible product is delivered in a colorful box which, in a very graphic way, clarifies to the buyer the type of device to be purchased. The main languages ​​of the packaging received are the English and the French. Although other languages ​​are contemplated on the back of the box, among them the Spanish, where the use, qualities peripheral, and contents of the package.

Kingston Workflow Station

Detail of the back of the box

Inside the box is included Workflow Station; a module USB miniHUB; a USB-C cable; the Electric adapter, with a set of four plug socket heads for different countries; a little start guide; Y Warranty card.

Kingston Workflow Station

Power supply, electrical adapters and getting started guide are attached

Design and build

The main object of this package is called docking station panel (Workflow). It is basically a concentrator of shots USB-C. It has dimensions of 160.27 x 70.27 x 55.77 mm, and a light weight of 292 grams. Its way rectangular, with Rounded edges, it shows off a combination of colors silver Y black. Four cubicles are easily accessible at the top, inside which the USB-C connectors, designed to gently fit the miniconcentrators Y readers compatible.

Kingston Workflow Station

The Workflow docking panel has four recesses with USB-C connectors

At the rear of the station are located the power socket and the USB-C port to connect the accessory with a computer. The basis of the Workflow Station has some strips of non-slip rubber, so it sits securely on the desk.

Kingston Workflow Station

On the back a power socket and USB-C port

Kingston Workflow Station Features and Functions

The priority of the Workflow Station, and its accessories, is to provide a easy access and transfer of data. Therefore Kingston has designed a product compatible with USB 3.2 speeds. Allows you to connect up to four readers simultaneously, which together with its speed, make this device the perfect tool for streamline all kinds of jobs. Postproduction and download quality files 4K / 8K for multiples cameras, drones or teams Gopro, to give some examples

Kingston Workflow Station

Included mini USB 3.2 Gen 1 hub has USB-A and USB-C ports

Card readers, sold separately, can also be used on the goeven regardless of the Workflow Station, connecting them to the laptop or computer with the USB-C cable that they all include.

Kingston Workflow Station

Optional card readers we received for testing

Kingston Workflow Station

Memory cards provided for testing

Test of performance

Take advantage of the qualities of Kingston Workflow Station it’s as simple as connecting a cable to a free USB-C port on your computer. No more required, not even configuration. By attaching the desired mini hub or card reader and inserting a memory medium, it is instantly recognized by the computer.

Kingston Workflow Station

The station with all accessories, received for testing, connected

Transfer speeds obtained in tests

The performance offered by the Kingston Workflow Station we have measured it with the program CrystalDiskMark. All the writing and reading tests of the software In the different types of cards that have been assigned to us, they confirm the manufacturer’s promises. These are the results obtained in the tests carried out.

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SD card

With the card SD of 128 GB and the card reader SD Workflow, in the test with a data block of 1 GiB in 5 bursts with 5 second intervals the results are:

  • [Lectura]
    • Sequential 1MiB (Q = 8, T = 1): 276,430 MB / s [ 263.6 IOPS] <30214.10 us>
    • Sequential 1MiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 271,891 MB / s [ 259.3 IOPS] <3853.56 us>
    • Random 4KiB (Q = 32, T = 16): 13,177 MB / s [ 3217.0 IOPS] <123196.67 us>
    • Random 4KiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 9,472 MB / s [ 2312.5 IOPS] <431.53 us>
  • [Escritura]
    • Sequential 1MiB (Q = 8, T = 1): 284,746 MB / s [ 271.6 IOPS] <29263.65 us>
      Sequential 1MiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 280.067 MB / s [ 267.1 IOPS] <3739.75 us>
      Random 4KiB (Q = 32, T = 16): 1,913 MB / s [ 467.0 IOPS] <292538.89 us>
      Random 4KiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 2,433 MB / s [ 594.0 IOPS] <1640.03 us>

While with a block of 16 GiB, The results are:

  • [Lectura]
    • Sequential 1MiB (Q = 8, T = 1): 281,642 MB / s [ 268.6 IOPS] <29679.61 us>
    • Sequential 1MiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 276,115 MB / s [ 263.3 IOPS] <3794.80 us>
    • Random 4KiB (Q = 32, T = 16): 11,512 MB / s [ 2810.5 IOPS] <120652.65 us>
    • Random 4KiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 8,336 MB / s [ 2035.2 IOPS] <490.29 us>
  • [Escritura]
    • Sequential 1MiB (Q = 8, T = 1): 292,476 MB / s [ 278.9 IOPS] <28545.97 us>
    • Sequential 1MiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 281,808 MB / s [ 268.8 IOPS] <3718.47 us>
    • Random 4KiB (Q = 32, T = 16): 1,886 MB / s [ 460.4 IOPS] <301120.38 us>
    • Random 4KiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 0.617 MB / s [ 150.6 IOPS] <6096.12 us>

MicroSD card

In the card Micro SD of 128 GB we have experimented using the mini concentrator and the USB adapter accompanying the card. With a data block test of 1 GiB in 5 bursts with 5 second intervals the results are:

  • [Lectura]
    • Sequential 1MiB (Q = 8, T = 1): 277,515 MB / s [ 264.7 IOPS] <30101.24 us>
    • Sequential 1MiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 273.094 MB / s [ 260.4 IOPS] <3837.45 us>
    • Random 4KiB (Q = 32, T = 16): 13,324 MB / s [ 3252.9 IOPS] <115040.61 us>
    • Random 4KiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 10,531 MB / s [ 2571.0 IOPS] <388.04 us>
  • [Escritura]
    • Sequential 1MiB (Q = 8, T = 1): 250,594 MB / s [ 239.0 IOPS] <33281.41 us>
    • Sequential 1MiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 249,235 MB / s [ 237.7 IOPS] <4204.43 us>
    • Random 4KiB (Q = 32, T = 16): 3.698 MB / s [ 902.8 IOPS] <205758.54 us>
    • Random 4KiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 3,511 MB / s [ 857.2 IOPS] <1164.67 us>

Kingston Workflow Station Technical Specifications

Here is a summary table with all the technical details of the Workflow Station:

Kingston Workflow Station
Physical characteristics
  • Docking panel: 160.27 x 70.27 x 55.77 mm
  • Mini USB hub: 62.87 x 16.87 x 50 mm
  • Docking panel: 292g
  • Mini USB hub: 30 g
Colour Silver and black
  • Docking panel supports up to four Workflow readers simultaneously
  • The mini USB hub is compatible with connected USB-A and USB-C devices
  • Workflow Station Docking Panel supports USB 3.2 Gen 2 speeds
  • Docking panel: USB 3.2 Gen 2
  • Mini USB hub: USB 3.2 Gen 1
  • Docking panel: USB-C
  • Mini USB hub: USB-C
Compatible USB inputs Mini USB hub: USB-A, USB-C
Compatibility Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, Mac OS (v. 10.10.x +)
Storage temperature -25 ° C ~ 85 ° C
Operating temperature -0 ° C ~ 60 ° C
Package content
  • Workflow docking panel
  • Mini USB hub
  • USB-C to USB-C cable
  • Electric adapter
  • 4 national power adapters
  • Quick Start Guide
Warranty and support 2-year warranty with free technical support

Kingston Workflow Station Conclusions, Availability and Pricing

Kingston Workflow Station

The most comfortable, simple and flexible way to transfer photos, videos and audio from several sources at the same time

The versatility of the Kingston Workflow Station, and the incredible performance that this accessory has shown us, are enough arguments for the professional who wants speed up its work flow. It is clear to us that this product fulfills 100% the promise of accelerating the file transfer, with the advantage of doing so from various sources.

Therefore, after checking the capabilities and many possibilities that the Kingston Workflow Station, we grant you the GizAward Gold.


  • Very versatile and flexible device.
  • Speeds up to USB 3.2 Gen 2.
  • Includes mini USB 3.2 Gen 1 hub.
  • Easy to use.

  • To get the most out of it, you have to buy the rest of the accessories individually.

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