Toshiba Hayabusa, a practical and versatile pen drive

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Good summer, Gizcomputers. To liven up the hot days we present the Toshiba Hayabusa. Some Toshiba pen drive They are presented in various capacities, at very attractive prices. And all this with the usual guarantee of one of the best brands in the market in memory. Before starting, tell you that the article on the Sandisk Cruzer Ultra, other memories USB from prestigious manufacturer.

Design and construction of the Toshiba Hayabusa

The memories Hayabusa they are little stick of Toshiba. that facilitate storage in a small device with a variety of capacities, to adapt to all the needs of today’s user. And although they will not stand out for their transgressive design, they are without a doubt very practical and very portable.

Toshiba Hayabusa

Two families, one design

Toshiba Hayabusa

These Toshiba Hayabusa, also known for TransMemory it can be found in two different series. Sharing the same encapsulation, they are distinguished by the type of connection they offer. In such a way that we can meet:

  • TransMemory U202. With USB 2.0 connection. Up to 128GB capacity.
  • TransMemory U301. With USB 3.0 connection. Up to 64GB capacity.

They are really light supports, since their weight is barely 8 grams regardless of the chosen capacity.

Toshiba Hayabusa

The design of the Pen Drive It includes a small translucent cap that protects the connector, and a small notch on the side to tie the device. They are basically offered in white, with the exception of the 16 GB model of the series U202 which is also sold in blue. They have dimensions of 51.4mm x 21.4mm x 8.4mm, including cap size. As sure of the reliability of the product, Toshiba offers 5 year warranty.

Toshiba Hayabusa usb stick technical specifications

Here is a summary table with all the technical details of these Toshiba Hayabusa Pen Drive:

Toshiba Hayabusa USB Flash Drive
Physical characteristics
Width 21.4 mm
Depth 51.4 mm
Height 8.4 mm (including plug)
Weight About 8g (Main body only)
Transmemory U301 Family
Colour White
  • 16 GB THN-U301W0160E4 (EAN) 4047999400011
  • 32 GB THN-U301W0320E4 (EAN) 4047999400028
  • 64 GB THN-U301W0640E4 (EAN) 4047999400035
Feeding Via USB port
Connection interface Supports high-speed port 3.0
Transmemory U202 Family
  • blue
  • White
  • 16 GB Blue THN-U202L0160E4 (EAN) 4047999400165
  • 16 GB White THN-U202W0160E4 (EAN) 4047999400110
  • 32 GB White THN-U202W0320E4 (EAN) 4047999400127
  • 64 GB White THN-U202W0640E4 (EAN) 4047999400134
  • 128 GB White THN-U202W1280E4 (EAN) 4047999400141
Feeding Via USB port
Connection interface USB 2.0 compliant
Others Includes security software
Services and support 5 years
Supported Windows operating system Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1
Supported MAC operating system Mac OS 10.6.6 and higher

Conclusions, availability and price of the Toshiba Hayabusa Pen Drive

Toshiba Hayabusa

The memories Toshiba Hayabusa In short, they are a reliable storage peripheral, with compact dimensions but large capacities. Guaranteed by the world’s number one manufacturer of memory systems, they are the perfect accessory for storing photos, music, videos and everything else we can think of.

  • Quality / price ratio.
  • Options 2.0 and 3.0.
  • Lightweight and slim design.
  • Wide variety of capacities.

  • Little innovative aesthetics.
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