5 curiosities of Adobe Premiere Elements

5 curiosidades de adobe premiere elements.jpg
5 curiosidades de adobe premiere elements.jpg

As with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe ElementsAdobe Premiere Pro also has a simplified, pay-one-time version that is ideal for beginners and video editing enthusiasts; We’re talking, of course, about Adobe Premiere Elements, a video and photo editor that streamlines workflows through automation and AI from Adobe Sensei to make life easier for users.

If you are new with Adobe Premiere Elementsyou may be interested in staying here, because we will share 5 tips or curiosities that can be useful when editing content.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2023

1. You can use artistic effects with Adobe Premiere Elements

With the arrival of Adobe Premiere Elements 2023, there are new features worth paying attention to; one of those novelties are the artistic effects, accessible from the Effects icon. In short, with this option we can apply filters inspired by works of art and popular artistic styles, such as that of the famous painter Vincent van Gogh.

2. It is possible to improve blurry videos and adjust lighting

Lighting is a very important factor in the presentation of any video, but if for X or Y reason your clips do not have good lighting, do not despair, because there are still a couple of things you can try to improve your clips.

First of all, we have the Shadow and highlight adjustment next to the effect Shadow/Light, from which we can lighten dark areas using the sliders. Finally, there is the noise reduction effectwhich can help a bit with those clips that suffer from graininess from a lack of light.

You can improve blurry videos and adjust lighting

3. You can create stop-motion videos

By means of the frame by frame function (Time-lapse in Premiere Pro) you can edit creative stop-motion videos. We can access it through Fun Editions (in guided mode), where we have to add our photos from the computer and order them by the time they were taken. Once this is done, we drag the images to the timeline, choose the speed at which they will play and voilà! We can already observe the magic in motion.

Adobe Premiere Elements - frame by frame

4. Smart Crop

Thanks to Adobe Sensei’s artificial intelligence technology it is possible to instantly trim your clips to keep only the best part. This feature works based on the style of your video.

5. Keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Premiere Elements

Like all desktop programs, Adobe Premiere Elements puts at our disposal a long list of keyboard shortcuts that can help us speed up our work and save us from having to touch the mouse. What not everyone knows is that you can customize the keyboard shortcuts to your liking by going to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts/Keyboard Shortcuts. Naturally, here you can also consult the list of already established commands in case you don’t know them.