Do you know what are reconditioned products?

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Comprar Un Movil Reacondicionado Destacada.jpg

When some users hear the word “refurbished”, they immediately become reluctant to purchase these products. Although the causes of mistrust are valid, the reality is that you do not have to fear buying a reconditioned mobile. In the vast majority of cases, these devices are just as good (or better) than a new one. Today you will learn why it is worth giving a terminal in these conditions a try, and how to buy a reconditioned mobile.

There is a wide range of reconditioned products

The first thing is to understand which devices the label of “reconditioned”. Any device that has been returned to the seller, either because the seller presented a fault, or simply because the buyer was not satisfied with its acquisition, and is subsequently put back up for sale, is called reconditioned.

However, in order for them to be put up for sale again, the seller make sure the product works to perfection, or that defects are minimal and will not detract from a new buyer’s experience.

It is a common practice in stores

In fact, as indicated where I, buying a refurbished mobile can be an excellent investment if you know where to go and what to expect from one.

Buying a refurbished mobile is a smart alternative

Usually a Smartphone Refurbished has not been used for more than 30 days. This means that even if it has failed, the phone is in a near new package state. Now, we previously said that these phones may be even better than a new one, and that is because, with a refurbished phone, you have the seller’s guarantee that it has been tested and works. With a new one, you will have to wait to use it to see if it presents factory problems.

Of course, there are some details that cannot be avoided when buying reconditioned merchandise. The first thing to highlight is the warranty variable. Some products may be like new and the seller offers a full warranty, but other devices have more imperfections that make them prone to failure, reducing or eliminating the warranty entirely.

Buying a Refurbished Mobile - A Smart Choice

Before purchasing a phone in this state, consider that there are official stores that have a catalog of reconditioned phones. Even Manzana it does, and they sell them almost like new, including charger and accessories in some cases. In capital cities it is common to find technicians who sell reconditioned devices. For example, some stores where you can repair your mobile in Madrid also offer fixed devices at reduced prices, but since they are third parties you have to be careful with their reputation.

Ask for all the details before deciding

As not all repaired mobiles are the same, before making any decision it is convenient that you analyze All the details that this may have. We are not referring to the performance of the phone, but to the imperfections or causes for which the previous owner left it.

If the phone has more than five imperfections, or looks very worn, these are considered second hand and your purchase is subject to many risks. When you want to buy a refurbished mobile, always look for those that have no more than 30 days of use; Although it is very difficult to get them, it is possible that official stores and distributors have some.

Finally, the most important thing is that the phone you want has a guarantee. Although the seller has tested it, failures are not ruled out. If you don’t want to have a hard time, make sure they at least offer you 90 days warranty.