Do you use Chrome? Find out how to surf safely

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Cabecera Chrome.jpg

If you are one of those who give great importance to your privacy and the use made of your data when you use the internet, you will be interested to know that there are different ways to get the privacy you’re looking for if you use Chrome.

Set up Google Chrome

First of all, if you don’t use this browser, but want to try these options, you will have to download Chrome. From now on, you can configure different aspects so that when browsing the internet you feel safe. In this way, the main thing is that You can change both the settings of all the websites you visit and of a specific one.

To configure all websites You will only have to give in configuration, then to advanced configuration and choose the “Privacy and security” section for later select Website Settings and select the permission you want to modify. As for setting up a specific website, You will have to give the icon that appears next to the address, represented by a padlock, lock, information, etc. and Click on Website Settings. Finally, you will only have to change the site settings.

download chrome

In addition to these actions, you can also do others as useful as control the data that is synchronized from your browsing in Google Chromeas well as bookmarks and passwords. For it, You will only have to access the Chrome settings and click on the synchronization section. Once there, you can choose what you want to sync and what not. In addition, you can also improve the encryption of your data when these are synchronized and that this exchange is more secure. If you mark the option Encrypt with your own sync passphrase, when the data is to be synchronized, it will ask you for this password.

Another option that you can do without to not pass data to third parties is found in Advanced configuration and consists of unlocking the options that come there so that, for example, you do not use the services of the websites you visit such as those to check spelling. Also, if you go to Cookies section, as well you can prevent them from being accepted automatically when some website offers them. It is true that some pages need them if they have certain types of services such as online shopping, etc., so deactivating them is not always possible. Yes, You can limit them by giving the option to Block third-party cookies and deleting those stored when closing the browser.

And if you are one of those who do not trust the microphone or the camera, You can also disable browser add-ons such as Flash or Javascript and the history by deactivating the Google Activity Control by going to the Activity Control of your account.

Best VPNs?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a Virtual Private Network in which a network extension is created, As its name indicates, private to access it through the internet. Therefore, if you want an extra security, we bring you a selection of the best vpn for chrome.

The three VPNs we recommend are NordVPN, very easy to use, reliable and that offers you reinforced privacy. With its extension you can from blocking ads to malware; Surfshark VPN, what he brings antimalware tool to block ads and phishing attempts, in addition to having DNS servers and ExpressVPN, which provides protection against DNS leaks and WebRTC blocking, in addition to having a function called “HTTPS Everywhere”, so as not to end up in a website that does not encrypt the data you send.

As you can see, if you attach great importance to privacy, Chrome It makes it easy for you to feel safe while browsing.