Firefox Quantum will be the fastest web browser

Firefox Quantum.png
Firefox Quantum.png

The popular browser Firefox distribute the new version now beta from your browser. And it brings so many new features and improvements that it is called Firefox Quantum, instead of settling for a simple version digit change.

The advantages of Firefox Quantum

According Mozilla, the biggest advantage of Firefox Quantum over other browsers is the speed that users will experience. Mozilla ensures that we will feel an amazing increase in browsing speed on our favorite pages. And it is that thanks to the technology of Servo, Firefox Quantum it’s twice as fast as the browser was last year. But it is also Mozilla not only in this statement, but also wants to win over users of Chrome, and therefore has posted a video where Quantum is compared to the browser of Google.

Firefox Quantum take advantage of the multiple cores offered by modern processors. So when using more than one available kernel, Quantum complete tasks much faster than other browsers. Firefox also comes with a new engine CSS which runs in parallel across the multiple cores of the CPU. A characteristic of which, according to Mozilla, it only has Firefox Quantum. By last, Quantum also revamps the user interface. Featuring a design optimized for the high density of Pixels Per Inch (PPI).

What is Servo?

Servo is the new engine of rendering from Mozilla for your browser Firefox. With it, response times are greatly reduced by using parallel processing. This achieves things like pages load much faster, animations move more fluidly, or real-time interactivity. Also, with the, Firefox has managed to reduce energy consumption. In such a way that laptops and mobile devices benefit from not only increasing browsing speed, but also from extending autonomy.

Via | mozilla