Google solves the bug that has blocked thousands of files in Google Docs

Google Docs 2.jpg
Google Docs 2.jpg

A horror movie, to animate the week of Halloween, it must have seemed to the millions of users of Google Docs when trying to access your files they were inaccessible.

Google Docs, that great tool in the cloud

Since the early hours of Tuesday, a large number of users of Google Docs, many of them American journalists, began to spread through the network the impossibility of accessing many of their work files due to an alleged “violation of the terms of service“. Other users of the well-known service Google they also received messages from “This item has been flagged as inappropriate and can no longer be used“.

The drama was huge, because when receiving these messages, the service only allows the option of deleting said file or requesting a review. If this represents a crisis for an ordinary user, imagine the chaos What does it suppose if they are newspaper articles or databases with information belonging to media chains. The networks became an authentic ragnarok, which leaves in diapers that these days can be seen on movie billboards.

Google Docs

Google, which in the first instance confirmed that it recognized the failure and was getting to work in the investigation to find out the origin of these unjustified blocks, sees its privacy policies compromised once again. Since many consider that this problem would confirm that Google somehow scans all files stored in Docs.

Finally the problem has been solved

Google has resolved the crisis quickly. And a few hours later he reported that the bug had been completely resolved. The explanation of why some files were marked as “inappropriate“It was due to the fact that on Monday night a new code was uploaded that caused said documents to be classified as malware or with some kind of virus.

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