How to choose a good WordPress hosting?

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One of the main doubts that people have when it comes to start a new website project is which hosting service to choose. And it is that the decision is not something to be taken lightly if you do not want to have headaches in the future and there are more and more alternatives from which to choose. Here are some details to consider when it comes to WordPress hosting.

A service of WordPress hosting corresponds to the ability of several companies to offer a rental option for their servers connected to the internet so that a website appears visible. After choosing the domain name, this is the second step that anyone should be clear about before officially starting the project.

Choose the right type of accommodation

Hosting for WordPress

There are more and more reliable WordPress hosting alternatives

Each website may have its own particularities and needs for daily use, as well as a constantly changing size and number of visits. What is never recommended is to opt for a free hosting serviceas they usually include many limitations ranging from a very slow load, low memory, resource limitations, problems with your connection, and much more.

For the vast majority of web projects that do not achieve a global impact on the Internet, shared hosting is usually chosen, which means having several web pages of different clients hosted on the same server, each one with its private section to avoid any future risk. Its usefulness generally points to sites that do not exceed a thousand visits per day.

If the requirements are higher, The so-called VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) correspond to exclusive and private servers for said website, although this does not mean that everything is housed in a single physical machine. Here there is more freedom to customize key data such as resources, bandwidth, RAM, disk space, etc.).

Use and support of hosting for WordPress


cPanel is the easiest and most complete interface to configure your site

Choosing a hosting from a company that is not from the same country as where one is located will not negatively impact the general operation of your website, although It is always a good recommendation to avoid any language barrier when receiving support, as well as having them at your disposal at any time and day of the week.

Look for a WordPress hosting service with 24/7 support is essential to resolve any failure on your website without it being out of service for a long time and negatively impacting the number of visits, while its management must include an interface with which it is comfortable to interact. Although some servers use their own platform, cPanel has now been standardized because it does not require advanced knowledge to take advantage of its features.

Finally, when something is too affordable it is likely due to poor performance, but the truth is that there are more and more competitors in the market and this sometimes allows you to find a cheap Hosting that is reliable. A) Yes, Today’s budget constraints are no longer a real problem when it comes to WordPress hosting.