In which cases is a VPN necessary? Tab these tips


The globalization that society is experiencing as a consequence of the overwhelming expansion of the Internet gives rise to new technological tools every day. One of them is the VPN, or Virtual Private Network, the translation into Spanish is Virtual Private Network. But beyond its name, what is a VPN? Today we will talk about this type of network, its functions and its possibilities. In addition, we will delve into their prices within the great supply and demand of recent years.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

We have already named the concept, but it is time to find out what exactly they are. VPNs are as the name implies, virtual networks that serve to privatize all your movements within a network. What they do is create secure connections to the Internet, not only on public networks, usually less secure, but also on private ones. But How do they achieve this?

It can be a difficult process to understand, but in short, what they do is encrypt your data through specialized servers, and thus protect your information. Therefore, VPNs hide you from the possible dangers that you may face within the different connections and search engines that you use. But as with the rest of the aspects related to online security, as long as you are careful with the pages you visit, you should not have excessive problems. Here we leave our recommendation to navigate safely in Chrome.

Security is its main functionality, but with the passage of time, VPNs have acquired other utilities that are worth commenting on.

VPN utilities

It should be noted that the Virtual Private Networks were born to solve a problem that society was facing. This was the great disintegration of the companies in work groups distributed by different parts of the world. Private networks allow this, since they ensure that all the data they share is safe and protected by their own algorithms.

But the thing was not going to end here, the different developers saw a business opportunity and over the years they have been exploiting it. As we have already mentioned, security within the business world has been extrapolated to the personal level.

If VPNs have become famous in recent years, it is not for either of these two uses. What has really given a boost to the commercialization of these networks, is the possibility of circumventing geographical barriers implemented by some search engines and online services.

One of the clearest examples of this type of barrier are those imposed by on-demand television services, which are limited to certain countries. Hulu is an example, since it is limited to the United States, or Disney +, which changes its content depending on the region. Another example is the possibility of unlimited access to television channels that are subject to certain censorship on the networks of their countries of residence. But this utility has not been without controversy, as expected.

Many people are purchasing VPN services to get around these barriers. Some companies fight so that these private networks do not affect their business model. Therefore we consider this utility as something very risky and not recommended, but it was necessary to comment on it.

VPN, an easy way to protect your searches and data

VPNs protect your search data and private information from outside agents

The best VPN networks

To classify virtual private networks we are going to differentiate between free and paid. Not everyone has the economic possibilities to acquire the best VPN networks on the market and it is important to make this differentiation.

Between the free virtual private networks most successful are:

  • NordVPN: one of the best known, with unlimited data storage and a very fast and favorable server response. It grants a trial of one month, so take advantage and try this option if you need it urgently.
  • TunnelBear: if the use you are going to make of your device is somewhat more casual and you are not interested in being hooked on the network all day, this option is reliable and offers 500 MB of free storage per month.
  • PrivateVPN: another free network with unlimited data, which also offers promotions from time to time of upgrade packages in case you want to jump to the payment model.

Now let’s talk about paid virtual private networks. For those who want to make an investment in the security of their information online are, among others:

  • NordVPN: this option appears again, but in this case in its payment format. One of the most reliable on the market and with the best services.
  • IPVanish: specialized in storing torrent files.
  • Surfshark: allows an unlimited number of connections


To the answer of in which cases a VPN is necessary, our conclusion is that in security aspects it is a great complement. You always have to be especially careful with the searches carried out, it is also convenient to have your data protected in some way. But it is understandable that not everyone knows how to make these recommendations. For this reason, VPNs are good tools to be more sure that external and internal agents of the network are not going to attack your data.

It is also its role in business communication is particularly noteworthy. For those companies with several headquarters spread over different places, which need to communicate in online networks, VPNs are a great option. Today all companies store information on the network in one way or another, so it can also be useful for those with a single headquarters.

Finally, As for the draws of territorial barriers, it is not a recommended use. The use of VPN is not illegal, but you cannot carry out illegal activities with them. Not all people know the limits of online legality, so you better limit yourself to waiting for the series you want to see to reach your country of residence.