Internet in the village, what are the best options?


Having a good internet connection in town is now more important than ever. Many people are moving to second homes after months of confinement in cities with small flats. The vast majority do it impulsively and poorly prepared, so when they settle in, they encounter certain limitations. One of the most common problems is the WiFi connection, which is not usually installed. Also, in small towns, the connection is usually not of a very high quality, and at times when the telecommuting is the order of the day, this can be a great limitation. It should also be taken into account that, during this summer, most of the tourism will be national and hotels with WiFi connection are not going to be as accessible; small towns are a great alternative, but not all have good internet deals.

Now we are going to present the three alternatives that can get you out of trouble in the coming months. Keep in mind that none of them are as good a choice as traditional WiFi connections, which mostly already have fiber optics. All have dependence on coverage, as well as limitations on speed and amount of data. However, they are a quite viable option to spend a little season in some small and quiet place. If you don’t want to have problems when working or playing, such as the slowness in GTA V that we mentioned in previous posts, pay attention to the following options.

USB modem with data

Another way to have Internet in the town is the typical USB modem of data offered by the telephones. The oldest of us have had this type of connection when WiFi networks were not so standardized and distributed. This type of network seems outdated, but the truth is that it is still one of the most viable options for short trips and short breaks. It works through a SIM card that goes inside, which is the one that provides the connection that we have contracted. He modem must be connected to the USB port of the computer, and from there it will consume the contracted data.

Internet in town

The USB modem is good if you want a cheap connection for jobs that do not require a lot of speed.

Is good if you want to perform tasks through a computer, although it must be taken into account that it has a large number of limitations. First of all, it is intended to connect computers, and although certain movements can be made to connect other devices, this can be expensive work. Further, is designed to provide connection to a single device. Taking into account that the speed it will bring will not be very fast, the choice of this option has to be very thoughtful. It is cheap, and that is its greatest asset, because the modem is usually much cheaper than portable routers, which we will talk about in the next section.

The best offer that we have been able to find, for this type of Internet connection in particular, is that of Movistar (Movistar Internet Radio). During the first year, you will be able to have unlimited megabytes at an approximate speed of 100 Mb per second, although this can vary a lot, for 32.30 euros per month. It lasts for one year, at which time we can cancel the service, or continue to pay 69.40 euros each month, a price that is more in line with the standard of other companies.

Share mobile data

The simplest option to have Internet in the town, because it does not force us to have to make additional contracts with the telephone companies. Basically what it does is turn your mobile phone into a “WiFi network” with speed limitations and coverage dependence. It is an option that all phones have today, and we are sure that the vast majority of you have used this option to share data, or to borrow it from someone. Even so, we will explain the process for those who have not heard of this tool. On Android devices, after accessing the settings, you should look for the option ‘Portable Wi-Fi zone’, there you can turn the system on and off, as well as reconfigure it. We recommend that you put a password, as this will avoid unwanted connections that make you lose data.

With this system all kinds of devices can be connected, whether they are mobile phones, tables or computers. Without a doubt, it can get you out of a pinch, but it has a great drawback that we will talk about next. The problem is that the connection will last as long as the data you have contracted. Thereafter, the connection will become so slow that it will become completely useless. This fact forces them to acquire contracts with a high amount of GB of data, which not everyone has.

The main telephone companies in Spain already have unlimited mega contracts. Vodafone offers an offer (Vodafone Unlimited) from 20.99 euros per month, with a stay of 12 months; Orange also has its unlimited plan (Go top), in which there is no permanence, but after being paid 23.98 euros per month for a year, the invoice becomes 47.95 euros; finally, Movistar has the same mechanics in its offer (Infinite Contract), but somewhat cheaper in the long run, since it starts with 24.95 euros per month, and 39.95 euros per year will be paid.

Internet in the village with a portable WiFi router or MiFi

We wanted to leave until last the one that, in our opinion, It is the best transportable connection system to have Internet in the town. This is so, because it has the best of each of the predecessors. It is true that these types of connections have existed for years, but certainly MiFi networks They have greatly improved in shape and service. The operation is similar to that of modems, since, instead of using a cable connection to the network, it does so through a mobile system, the SIM card. But unlike the previous one, this one does allow multiple wireless connections, as well as compatibility with different devices.

Internet in town

Portable routers are somewhat more expensive, but the connection possibilities are generally much greater

Has a 4G connection quite fast, but it will always depend on the coverage of the place. In addition, it must be taken into account that the amount of data will vary depending on the contract we have with the company. In this case, the offers are very similar to the previous models; You can find offers with unlimited megabytes, but they will always be quite expensive considering that these types of devices are for temporary use. Regarding the quality of the connection, it is the best of the three, but the apparatus has a higher initial cost. They have become more expensive because each time they have better designs, with LED screens that show coverage, battery or connected devices. They have also ensured that they provide a higher quality of connection at a much lower battery consumption, capable of ensuring autonomies that exceed 6 hours.

Without a doubt, these kinds of connections can get you out of a bind. The Internet in the town is a necessity in these times, everything depends on being connected and for this reason we must look for efficient solutions. We hope that this little review has helped you to choose which is the best solution for your situation.