macOS Monterey, the new version of Apple’s computer OS

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The new version of the operating system of Manzana for computers, macOS Monterey, has been shown to unveil advanced features designed to increase productivity of the user. The software Monterey add new ways to stay in touch, work better on multiple devices, and focus more.

macOS Monterey, Apple update of the computer operating system

The always innovative Manzana makes known the macOS Monterey, your new version of the operating system for your desktops and laptops. The update will be compatible with more models of Mac than ever, including the new iMac, MacBook Air, Macbook pro from 13 inches Y Mac mini, Besides Mac with processors Intel.

About the new version of the software

The new macOS Monterey comes loaded with features and gets the Mac and the iPad understand each other better than ever. The company hopes that its users will be delighted with the new design of the tabs in Safari to surf the internet and enjoy sharing experiences with SharePlay on Facetime. In addition, they are convinced that the new ways of using the Mac with other devices Manzana thanks to Universal Control Y AirPlay to Mac.

macOS Monterey

macOS Monterey

The productivity of the Mac is enhanced by redesigning the tabs of Safari to display more information when browsing. It now appears the same color as the web page and groups tabs, toolbar and search field in one compact layout. They will be able to use Shortcuts to automate the things that are done often.

Improved ways of communicating

One of the great beneficiaries of this new version of macOS it is Facetime. The application launches a whole series of features of audio and video. The calls will be more natural and realistic. Manzana states that the voices sound as if they are coming from where the interlocutor is on the screen. The Voice Isolation sharpens the user’s voice and uses the machine learning to eliminate background noise.

macOS Monterey

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