The mythical PC Soccer returns

Pc Futbol.jpg
Pc Futbol.jpg

You are not dreaming, as the headline indicates, after many years disappeared, the football game of homeland creation strategy that marked a before and after in our young years returns. A mythical game that marked a generation. Soon the market will welcome the version of PC Soccer 18. The legendary title will have two versions on its return to the screens. That of PCs Y laptops of course, but we will have to wait a few months, because much earlier, this very November the mobile version will debut for smartphones Y tablets Android and iOS. An arduous task, because this veteran game will have to face the avalanche of this type of title that floods the shelves both physically and in apps on mobile platforms.

What’s new Old man? PC Fútbol, ​​the return

To begin with one of the biggest differences of the new version of PC Soccer is that it will not have a simulator 3D. With this they make it clear from the beginning that they are throwing in the towel before starting, since they recognize that competing with pure football games such as FIFA or PES is at the moment a utopia for the new developers of the edition 2018. However, as a sympathetic wink it is confirmed that the visible face of the video game will continue to be the fireproof Michael robinson that once again will be the media claim of the simulator, as has been happening in all the installments, both in the editions developed by Dinamic Multimedia as the Gaelco.

PC Soccer

The game will be developed by IDC / Games Y Korner Entertainment. It will present with nine leagues of the planet soccer. So we will play with teams of Spain, Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, France, Mexico, USA, Y Argentina. The Spanish league includes the First division, Second Y Second B. Although for now, users will have to forget about having the real names of players, since licenses have not been negotiated with the national leagues of each country. Obviously something that can be corrected by the users themselves, since it will be possible to change all the names and share them thanks to the databases that are still active among the community of users of the old editions.

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